5 Clever Ways To Use Whiteboard Animation in 2022

Written By: Shagun   January 8, 2022

Good marketing is about communication, and sometimes, as we learn from the pedagogy used in the classroom and the office boardroom, the best way to explain complicated processes is a whiteboard.  This makes whiteboard animation the most effective way to communicate products and processes to consumers in a way that they truly understand.

Certainly, whiteboard animation is one heck of a popular type of explainer video to be used in marketing.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Videos

  • The ability to turn monotonous and complicated topics into forms that are easy to understand.
  • Entertaining as well as informative, with the ability to deliver educational value.
  • A more cost-effective form of video marketing than other types of animated videos.
  • Significantly increases viewers’ attention span, as they have limited visual distractions.
  • Adding value and worth, making these videos memorable for viewers.

When to Choose Whiteboard Animation?

The first thing to understand about whiteboard animation is, it is a type of explainer video. Thus, when it comes to launching a product or service, it may or may not be the perfect fit. However, it all depends on the message you want to deliver.

On the other hand, if we talk about describing a product or service, then whiteboard animation is a perfect choice - as it is catered to your organizations' message, marketing goal, and how you want to display the product or service to end-users. Having said that, for companies, whiteboard animation is an important strategy, which we are going to cover point by point.

Whiteboard Animation

1. Complex Technical Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are informative, and they help companies to easily interact with customers by their sheer nature and aesthetics. They look like the whiteboards we've used in business meetings and classrooms for years. It helps to have a white area - devoid of distractions – and watch the material unfold in front of you since it makes it simpler to follow the concepts.

There have even been studies that demonstrate that using this configuration can increase knowledge retention by 15%. A whiteboard animated movie is the best vehicle for getting complicated concepts through in an engaging, enjoyable, and intriguing way when aspects of your message rely on them.

2. Informative Videos

When you have to cover a whole heap of information, you can rely on whiteboard animation. The finest whiteboard explainer videos have a strong ability to synthesize and simplify content. Whiteboards are distinguished by their presentation, which allows ideas to emerge before viewers without interruptions while holding their attention.

When you develop whiteboard animation videos, you may make longer-than-average components while still keeping the audience entertained. This unique content and presentation dynamic allow you to include more material than you would be able to with conventional styles.

5 Clever Ways to Use Whiteboard Animation In 2022

Whiteboard animation is a fantastic marketing tool. Whiteboard animation visually satisfies the hunger by bringing out the best in your message while making it aesthetically appealing.

1. Create a Compelling Story

People are fascinated by stories.

Well, isn’t this how Hollywood makes money?

People watch movies to witness a story evolve. So, you must consider the plot before creating an animation or integrating fancy characters. The story serves as the communication point of your video. You lose them if you don't hook them - and not just temporarily. They'll recall how displeased they were with your content, and they're unlikely to give you another chance.

There must be a hook, a tale, and a call to action in an explainer video screenplay. If you aren't an accomplished copywriter, you could consider hiring one, or you could master the craft on your own. Creating a compelling story is just like designing a piece of art, and not everyone can be Picasso.

This is the reason whiteboard animation comes to the rescue, overcoming uncertainty and distractions by packaging ideas and messages in visuals. Express your story most effectively while attracting your audience to look for more. 

Story Telling whiteboard animation example:

2. Promote your Product or Service

Let's be honest. Videos have a powerful way to attract the audience, and when it comes to promoting a product or service, what can be a better way to show your viewers what value your product can bring. Moreover, new technology and products are not simple to demonstrate or explain, so you require all the assistance you can get when it comes to marketing these devices. 

Whiteboard animation videos can transform complex technology or a mundane product into something entertaining, thrilling, and easy to use. For example, the fleet management system. Well, it is one of the complicated technologies for a layman. Thus, companies like Sylectus use whiteboard animation to make it easy for everyone.

Product promotion whiteboard animation example:

3. Increasing Learning Ability

Information is the best way to acquire knowledge. According to popular belief, people who watch a video retain 95% more information than those who read text. As a result, whiteboard animation is an excellent approach to improve learning capacities while in training. By combining graphics, audio, and text, whiteboard animation allows you to increase viewership.

Whiteboard animation is the go-to solution when it comes to increasing the learning power of individuals. Companies are using whiteboard animation to train employees and help them understand the new processes or technology.

Employers won't have to worry about their workers not understanding what they need to know or why it's vital after they leave training. Moreover, employee training is in high demand, and with such impressive tools, companies have the ability to seamlessly integrate a learning environment and capitalize on the efforts made by trainees and employees.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, working remotely has become increasingly common, where companies are onboarding freelancers or contractors. Here, videos play a crucial role in training them according to your business requirements so that you can generate visible results. The whiteboard animation video describes employee engagement.

Learning whiteboard animation example:

4. Creating Information Campaigns

Not everyone speaks your language. This means, if you are selling a service to a customer, it might be possible that they do not understand it to the fullest. This is the reason, a number of companies come up with explainer and education videos to help customers understand their product or service better.

When you're introducing something new or need to make something that's very accurate, precise, and information-rich while still being interesting, this style of video is invaluable. In technical and medical disciplines, where clear and detailed information and engagement are priorities, these videos shine. 

Some topics require an explanation with a lot of knowledge and context. In such situations, whiteboard animations thrive because they can connect concepts and layer information, allowing you to offer both broad statements and tiny details in one marketing video.

Whiteboard Animation - image 2

5. Social Media Stand Out

A social media hook is one approach to use whiteboard animation in your marketing. Whiteboard videos are ideal for this as they can creatively convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. You have so much to do with the whiteboard, from using pictures to characters with voiceovers to fascinate your audience and deliver your story in the most engaging and impactful way possible.

For example, the whiteboard animation below shows the top 20 largest cities In The World.

And after watching a video like this, most of us are probably scrolling through search engines, planning to visit these cities. This is where companies are manifesting such ideas to provide information in a better and more creative way.

Videos like this can spread your message far and wide, whether you use them as a YouTube advertisement or on Facebook. One of the purposes of whiteboard animation is to share and explain these concepts, which can help businesses increase their social media presence and brand reach.

Wrapping Up

You can communicate with your target audience by using videos. Whiteboard animation is a low-cost way to create videos or short films that captivate and push your viewers to take action. Because they integrate knowledge with storytelling, on-screen text, rich images, cultural allusions, comedy, and animation, are all possible with whiteboard animation. These factors combine to make whiteboard videos extremely entertaining. Incorporate them in your video marketing strategy, and you can see what their potential is.