Easy Video Marketing Ideas That Will Engage Your Audience

Written By: Manreet Khara   August 11, 2021

Ahh! A bowl of caramel popcorn, chilled soda, and all eyes on the screen, binge-watching Harry Potter, yet again! This sounds like my perfect weekend plan.

Have you ever wondered how many people will consider reading the whole Harry Potter series a perfect weekend plan? Apparently, the book bingers are certainly fewer than the movie marathoners.

Turns out, over half of the population will choose visuals over texts. Why is it so? Well, the simple answer to this is the impact it leaves on our minds. 

Certainly, marketers have understood this, which is why they are focusing more on video content today. The idea of grasping valuable insights about a product or a service through visuals intrigues consumers more. This is the reason YouTube reported a 100% increase in mobile video consumption over a year in 2019.

Videos are the best way to digest information about anything. Therefore, marketers make sure to use video content creation ideas to connect with their audience. A study from Digital Information World suggests that 67% of marketers had successful video marketing ventures. Another report from SmallBizTrends shows that companies enjoy 41% of more web traffic after using videos.

Video Marketing Ideas - ad spent

Despite these amazing rankings, several brands are still restricting the use of video content in their marketing efforts. This deprives them of audience engagement, especially since their competitors are using video marketing. Several companies have also seen an increase in consumer churn rates.

Therefore, this article is dedicated to various video creation and marketing ideas. In fact, any brand can use these to increase its visibility and retain consumers.

Before we head on to the video marketing ideas, let’s first see why videos are so popular among the audience.

Popularity of Videos

Videos are highly compelling when it comes to nurturing engagement, generating results, and reaching the potential audience. The results can be an increase in click-through rate, video sharing, brand awareness, lead generation, and sales.

Videos have the versatility to produce and deliver content in various ways. Consumers like video content because it is interesting, engaging, and easy to understand. Meanwhile, marketers like it because it provides returns across different channels.

Indeed, video marketing brings more exposure while helping marketers to achieve their goals. On social channels, the stats are so impressive that it makes every company want to start video marketing right away. A report from Social Media Today shows that Facebook videos on average generate over 8 billion views per day. Another report from Social Media Today shows that as compared to photos, Facebook videos have 135% greater organic reach.

Video Marketing Ideas

A HubSpot report suggests videos added in email marketing generate a 200%-300% increase in CTR.

Video content has exponential potential to ensure that brands and companies can meet their objectives when initiated rightly. Moreover, with videos, it is not always about the expense, and the goal is to understand your target audience. So, have a clear understanding of the message you want to deliver through your video.

Having covered the popularity of videos, let’s now see some video ideas that will help you to engage your audience.

Top Video Marketing Ideas to Engage Audience

1. Product Description Videos

A Wyzowl report suggests that 96% of consumers watch videos to get a better understanding of a product or service. Another study from the same shows that 84% of people actually bought a product after watching a brand video.

Certainly, a product description video will help the audience to easily connect with your product. Therefore, video boosts conversion rates. It does this with creative and interesting messaging about a product's functioning and its benefits. A product video leaves a long-lasting impression by employing storytelling and symbolism. Moreover, it allows the customers to experience the qualities of the products.

With informative product description videos, the audience gets the right information about your product. They find out how it looks, and whether it functions in a way that suits their needs. Furthermore, product description videos are the best way to reach prospects without being pushy.

For example, Google launched a simple video introducing Google Home.

2. Live Videos

A live video is a great way to reach, present, and demonstrate your product, service, or brand to the masses.

With social media channels, you can increase brand awareness and generate a greater sense of community. A number of companies are using live video platforms to interact with their customers, get real-time feedback, create interactive sessions.

In fact, a report from HubSpot suggests that 82% of people prefer live videos to social media posts.

Live video streaming is much more engaging. It allows you to make a lasting impression on your audience and build an emotional bond.

Video Marketing Ideas

3. How-to Videos

You surely have searched for something like “how do I...?” How-To videos are effective in understanding how to do anything online - as they show you HOW TO DO IT!

Google, YouTube, and other search engines get thousands of how-to queries daily. How-to searches are immensely popular. These videos show how to install an app, bake a cake, or even fall in love. They give brands an opportunity to showcase their product.

Shopify is the best example of How-to videos. With over 2 million YouTube subscribers, the Shopify channel is producing amazing how-to video content. On Shopify, people come and share their experiences and also narrate how one can accomplish similar goals and overcome challenges. How-to videos are known to increase the credibility of the video content. At the same time, they make the brand more reliable to its consumers.

4. Personalized Videos

Personalized video is one of the most effective ways to spark the interest of your audience.

Customers crave rich and personalized experiences. Personalized videos allow businesses to cut through the noise and interact with potential and current customers. This makes it an effective marketing strategy.

91% of customers prefer to shop with brands that understand customers’ perceptions and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. With all the wealth of data and insights at your disposal, you can create personalized and engaging experiences. These will drive engagement, boost retention, and help in customer acquisition.

Having a personalized experience makes one feels valued, resulting in increased brand loyalty. Top-notch brands like Nike use personalization as one of their most effective video marketing strategies. Therefore, they attract more customers and retain the existing ones.

5. Content Series Videos

Content series videos are a new trend. Brands are creating engaging web series to keep viewers at the edge of their seats, waiting for episodes to air. The videos use amiable characters, an interesting storyline, and a strong narrative that consumers can relate to. The goal of content series videos is to build an enduring relationship between brands and customers.

Marketers can use these video marketing ideas to engage, educate, and entertain the audience. Companies looking to increase brand awareness need to get on this trend. Check out this example from Facebook demonstrates how their newsfeed works.


6. Advertising Videos

If we talk about marketing campaigns, there have been several amazing advertisements that got massive tractions. Companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Reebok are using innovative ad campaigns to engage and connect with their prospects.

With digital media, any company can create campaigns to promote its brand. Further, they can engage with the audience and inspire them to convert.

7. Interview Videos

To attract customers, you need to inspire them. What can be more motivational than interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs? Interview videos are a great way to bring more traffic to your website or social channel. Create a YouTube podcast with a unique name and bring the leading entrepreneurs to the table. Then, ask them about their journey, what inspires them, and what hurdles they have faced.

Moreover, to make it more relatable, create an interview session with your employees or customers. The objective of these interviews should be to share your brand’s perspective and value proposition so that customers will connect with your brand for all the right reasons.

8. Customer Testimonial Videos

Brands that incorporate customer testimonials have seen more acquisition and retention. Consumers have more faith in one another than in marketing collateral, so a customer testimonial adds more credibility to their choices. Moreover, testimonials are a great way to increase the conversion rate.

Create a separate tab on your website with “testimonials” and add the videos from your customers. It will help you persuade people who are thinking about converting. The best thing about testimonial videos is that you can use them as much as you want.

9. Animated Videos

Animated videos narrate complicated products in a way that is creative and easy to understand. With animated videos, marketers can create relatable and interesting video content to entertain and convert customers.

IT and SaaS companies can take advantage of these animated video marketing ideas by making explainer videos. The beauty of animated videos is that they have a myriad of features. You can use these altogether or distinctively to make the content more grasping and engaging for your target audience.

Here is an example from Spotify.  



85% of consumers are looking for more from the brand they are interested in. Videos are certainly one of the powerful ways to make sure the consumers get the most from companies.

With video marketing, you have an opportunity to be more creative, impressive, and interesting. It's time to integrate video marketing ideas into your campaign strategy to produce effective results.