How to Create Personalized Sales Video

Written By: Manreet Khara   December 3, 2021

Who would like to have someone else’s sized dress for their wedding? Not me, and probably not even you!! Then how can we presume consumers would like the same kind of marketing offerings? 

Personalization is not a new term in the business, it has been one of the most-talked-about marketing trends. Personalized videos are the optimal way to connect on a one-on-one basis with your viewers, as it helps to directly address them by their name and develop a sense of closeness and individuality.

Over 58% of customers say that customized videos help them in making purchase decisions. So, it should not come as a surprise that customization is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate sector.

Videos with this degree of personalization can be used to nurture leads in the closing phases of your sales marketing funnel.

Personalization in video marketing is not as simple as it sounds. Anyone can create a simple template and add viewers' names to the video, but that is not it. Your customers are looking for more than their name popping up on the screen. Each customized video should offer specific information and content geared to interact with the viewer one-on-one.

Let’s dive more into the world of personalization to see how it is done!

A Take on Personalized Videos

Personalization is an essential element in the sales funnel, aiming to attract and engage with the target audience.

Marketers use personalization in every stage of a buyer’s journey, from blogs to emails or social media content.

The Accenture report states that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands offering recommendations relevant to them. Well, who would like to have a pop-up notification of cosmetics if you are interested in gadgets?

Personalization is amazing for both retention and acquisition. So, if you are not using personalized sales videos for your brand promotion, you are missing out a lot.

A report from Salesforce shows that 84% of consumers like to be treated as people rather than just numbers. Personalization is the key to success. Win your prospects over with personalized videos. By simply including the user's name in a video, you can see an increase in the website traffic, click-through rates, email open rates, and engagement rates. Personalization captures your viewer's attention and shows your commitment towards them.

Benefits of Personalized Videos

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Seeing these pop-ups on your notification bar makes you smile.

Well, this is the magic of personalization, attracting customers in a unique and powerful way.

Today, people are bombarded with hundreds of marketing emails, messages, and pop-up notifications. Each day, it gets extremely challenging to stand out, engage with prospects, and build an enduring relationship. Tailoring your content to the needs of viewers and understanding what kind of video content they enjoy, you will see:

  • Ensuring more engagement
  • Increasing email open rates
  • Generating higher click-through rates
  • Building long-lasting relationships

How to Create Personalized Videos?

Without the personal touch, your video will look like another random marketing act. Personalized video platforms allow you to create customized and original videos where you can easily add names, company names, logos, titles, etc.

Prior to creating personalized videos, keep three elements in mind:

  1. Video Pre-Production
  2. Video Production
  3. Video Post-Production

1. Video Pre-Production

Personalized Sales Videos - Pre production
Source: Studiobinder

With a plethora of content floating around, it is extremely difficult to woo your target audience. So, you need to come up with a strategy that will intrigue them. Crafting a story that focuses on their pain points and offers them relevant solutions will make them your recurring visitors.

Even if you are narrating a longer story or explaining a complex process, you need to ensure that your content makes sense and your viewers do not get disengaged.

Viewers' attention serves a bigger purpose — it builds a long-lasting relationship. Ensure that your story helps to create one-on-one connections to make your target audience get more interested in your product or service

2. Video Production

Would you like to watch a movie that has a constantly changing storyline, where one never aligns with the other?

It's time to start thinking about the content of your video by developing an idea. Take notes from your brief and come up with a list of what your video should feature, including how things should be presented, how you will make it more personalized, and what should stick out.

Don't forget to include a thumbnail in your customized video. Choosing an attention-grabbing image and focusing on obtaining a clean photo will ultimately convince viewers to click play. You can use techniques like creating an impressive video thumbnail with customers' names on a whiteboard or integrating an object that will draw their attention.

3. Video Post-Production

Taking your best captures and shots, putting them together, trimming everything down to the right length, adding personalized objects, editing the video, and adding music and special effects are all part of the post-production process.

You can put your video together in its final shape, ready to watch after making the necessary edits. If you cannot weave your frames together or get your transitions to reach the appropriate frame, your video will look coarse and disconnect your viewers.

Why Make Personalized Videos?

Despite F.R.I.E.N.D.S being the most-watched show, people still like to view other soap operas that they can relate to. So having one kind of video content for your brand will not generate qualified leads - as no one would like to watch one type of video forever. You’ll have to lend more effort in creating videos that are catered to their interests and engage them thoroughly.

People seek personalized experiences. And marketers are providing them. While incorporating customized components appeals to people's need to be recognized, doing it through video piques their interest. You need to develop videos with the customer’s name, company name, logo, email, and needed personal information.

The video is more impactful since it is customized for each user. Viewers are forced to pay attention and watch or listen to what the video has to say when they see or hear their name.

Cadbury is the best example when it comes to personalization. It never fails to surprise us with the oomph factor it produces, helping all of us to want more. Personalization is the key component of their marketing initiatives.

It shows that the brand values customers by showing them that they care about them and want to make their special moments even more memorable.


“Online video is the Swiss army knife of internet marketing. It really can be used all over the customer lifecycle, whether it’s customer service, marketing, or even recruitment.” – @MarkRRobertson, Video Marketer

Today, personalized sales videos are quite popular. They've become an essential component of a successful video marketing strategy for businesses looking to build consumer trust and loyalty while improving engagement and conversion. When the reader sees you are directly talking to them by addressing their name, they respond, either through watching the video, subscribing, or visiting your website (or all of these).