The Future of Video Marketing in the Digital Era

Written By: Shagun   December 11, 2021

What would you prefer more – reading Julius Caesar or watching the play? Okay... Here is one more! Harry Potter: the movies or the books?

Certainly, this is argumentative, but more than half of the world would prefer to watch a movie rather than read a book. Well, that is the power of motion pictures.

Videos are intense, entertaining, captivating, and when crafted properly, it is worth remembering.

Video content is rapidly and intensely dominating both the entertainment and marketing industry. Apart from educating people, videos are strongly influencing them to make decisions. Whether it is to purchase a new product, visit a new city, or even learn a new skill, videos offer great potential.

Slowly, videos have become the talk of the marketing town. And why not? The insatiable benefits it provides to the companies help them to turn the odds. Video marketing is the go-to stop when it comes to reaching the target audience or making a statement in such a competitive market.

According to a survey by Wyzowl, on average people spend 16 hours per week watching videos. Consumer patterns have evolved, and presently, they are more inclined towards video content than other forms. This boom in video content consumption brings a plethora of opportunities to marketers. Want to know how? Let's find out!

Leveraging the Power of Video Marketing

1. Generates Good ROI

Every dream you want to turn into reality requires effort, and the same goes with video marketing. You need to create a storyboard, shoot, edit, and then market the video across the channels. And without the specialized tools, nothing is possible.

Moreover, if you aren’t familiar with video creation and editing, you need professionals to assist you.

Either way, you will have to invest time and money. This being the reason, most companies’ wonder whether or not video marketing is worth their efforts.

Well, marketers that use this strategy understand the benefits video marketing presents.

A HubSpot report shows, 86% of marketers say they are satisfied with the video marketing returns from social channels.

If this statistic doesn’t impress you, we have a few more!

Wyzowl has more detailed report on video marketing that will clear all your reservations.

Video marketing itself is a compelling strategy that takes all your efforts into account and results in producing desirable returns.

2. Attracts Visitors

Online product promotion means you want to expand your customer base. Thus, all your marketing efforts are catered to customer acquisition. Regardless of the goal, if you are unable to capture their attention, all your strategies go in vain.

This is where video content comes to play.

Compared to other visual and textual content, like images, infographics, blogs, or case studies, users understand videos better. Many users flick through textual content as compared to video, a report by HubSpot.

In order to attract visitors, you need their undivided attention, and well-crafted videos are your optimal choice.

24.3% of companies publish video content every week. This is the reason why video content is preferred as a more intrinsic means to attract consumers.

3. Ruling the Internet

YouTube is already the king of video marketing, and now Instagram is slowly reaching the same scale. But, do you know what else marketers swear by in terms of video marketing? It’s Facebook.

81% of businesses prefer Facebook for video marketing.

Another insight on Facebook states, on average, 75 million people visit the Facebook video platform each day.

These insights are only about Facebook; imagine what other platforms behold.

These video marketing statistics show videos are the future.

Moreover, attracting the audience in this digital world is becoming challenging every passing day. Thus, if you miss out on such incredible marketing strategies, you will only push your brand behind.

4. Powerful Search Engine Rankings

Digital marketing is incomplete if you are not ranking high on search engines. And engaging content makes it possible. But, why only blogs? Why not expand your horizons? Engaging content doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to texts. Video Content can also get you to the first page of search engine rankings. You might be thinking how?

C’mon, anyone would prefer videos over text when it talks about the new car launch, isn’t it?

The visuals, the refined touch, color, engine, all when seen on a video will intrigue the buyers to make a purchase than textual specifications.

That’s why video content is a smart way to increase your SEO rankings. And, indeed, it is a major success factor for your digital marketing strategies. If we talk about search engines, each marketer knows that YouTube is the second most powerful search engine after Google. So, with video content marketing, you have enough opportunities to augment your online presence.

5. Increase Sales

As stated above, the end goal of every strategy is sales. In order to do so, you need to know how you can influence the potential audience to make a purchase.

Thus, understand your users. You need to know whether they have some concerns or unresolved queries that you can resolve. Or are they familiar with your product or brand? Or are they confused about how to use your product or service?

Regardless of their concerns, you need to be the helping hand to sort out their issues. And, this is where the power of video content swoops in.

You can use videos to step-by-step narrate the solution to your users. Moreover, with various types of videos in place, you certainly have an advantage. You can use animated explainer videos to influence your buyers.

Let’s take an example of the Yum Yum Videos. They use animation videos to narrate their stories. The purpose of these videos is to make it easy for consumers to understand a product or service.

Latest Video Marketing Trends

More than being noticed, your goal should be becoming memorable. And video content is one of the best ways to do so. A striking story with rightly executed transitions leaves a major impact on the viewers' minds.

You probably don’t even remember what you studied last semester, but if we ask you to brief Fast and Furious, you will narrate the entire franchise.

Video Marketing - advertising revenue

Well, that is the power of visual content!

Videos engage humans, trigger their emotions, and enhance their intellect. Hence, using them in the form of storytelling will amplify your marketing efforts.

When it comes to attracting your viewers, you can use single or multiple video forms, regardless of the organization, each of the video types drives the results.

Let’s cover what kind of video you can embed.

1. Live Streaming Videos

Your audience might have a lot to say, and answering everyone in the comment section can be overwhelming.

Thus, with live streaming videos, you can engage with your audience on social media platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

Remember to always have a subject of your live streaming session, otherwise, you will be like a lost fish in the tank.

2. Explainer Videos

Educate, Educate, Educate!

Educate your customers by explaining how your products or service works. You can use “Animated Characters” to engage your viewers or create “How-to Videos” for thorough narration.

3. Demo Videos

Get Noticed! Display all your product features!

You need to give your audience the foretaste of what your products or services are. What is it like to use them? Make sure your videos highlight the unique points of your products and services and showcase your value proposition.

4. Customer Testimonial Videos

Capitalize your video efforts through customers’ words!

Consumers today want to share their opinions, if not with you, they use social platforms to explain what they feel. So, why not take advantage of this? Ask them to tag you whenever they share a review. Moreover, you can add customer testimonial videos to your website and social media accounts to show authenticity and build trust among customers.

When they comment about your product or service, make sure to respond (it will boost engagement). The customers want to be valued, and when you engage with them, they will see that you consider them more than just a number.

5. Influencer Videos


Brands, SMBs, and basically companies are putting their efforts in cross-pollination, where they connect with established influencers to increase their brand reach.

With social media platforms, especially Instagram, influencers have become big brands. So, if you want to increase your reach, you can collaborate with them through video mediums like live video sessions, videos tutorials, and more.

Popular Streaming Video Marketing Sites

1. YouTube

We have plenty of stats to mark YouTube as the go-to video content engine. Unless you are living under a rock, you already know the power YouTube videos hold. From goofy videos to high-end educational video tutorials, there is nothing YouTube doesn’t have. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with YouTube video marketing ASAP!

Key Stats

Over 65% of people watch YouTube videos to solve problems.

YouTube has over one billion users. Over one billion hours of videos are being viewed on a daily basis.

2. Facebook

Facebook is more than a communication site today. Companies never avoid this platform when it comes to boosting their video marketing efforts. And Facebook is rapidly becoming a popular platform to consume video content.

Key Stats

62% of people claim they were more interested in buying a product after watching Facebook stories.

Facebook users spend 3 times more time watching a Facebook live video than other content.

3. Instagram

Instagram reels are immensely popular among people. Despite Instagram being the mobile site, it is the sixth most visited website.

Key Stats

70% of Instagram video stories are watched with sound on as compared to other platforms.

What is the Future of Video Marketing?

Videos are here to stay. With amazing video consumption, whether through mobile or desktop, there is no way any marketer should avoid using video content in their marketing efforts.

The above article paints a precise picture of what the audience is consuming more. Thus, based on the understanding of your target audience, you need to align your video content strategy accordingly.

Remember, the goal of visual content is not only the way it should be created but also how it should be presented, then only you will see how effectively your content is performing.


Video content is the hottest marketing trend today and will remain for the coming years. If you want to outrun your competition and constantly stay in the minds of your audience, you need to pull up your socks and get started with video storyboards and marketing efforts.