You might have some questions about us or our work. Here, we’ve answered some of the questions we thought you might have. If you still have questions after this, head over to the Contact Us section.

Why should I choose PixelDino?

We don't want to just produce for you, we want to win with you! Once you share your goals it creates a shared vision. Every dino will put in its best to align with your interests, and add their creativity to come up with a video that drives higher conversion rates.

What types of videos do you offer?

An effective video strategy requires different types of videos - explainer, promotional, testimonial, story videos, demo videos, and many more. Video strategies vary depending on the type of business as well. At PixelDino, we make these videos in the form of animation, 2D/3D, live, papercraft, motion graphics, and other ideas that our customers might have.

How do you determine the cost of every video?

The cost for every video is determined by keeping factors such as video type, length, and complexity in mind. That said, the exact amount can only be determined once we know the intricate details of your requirements. Get in touch with a dino to get your quote.

How long does it take to finish a video?

At PixelDino we don't compromise on quality. So, producing a video takes time! To give you an estimate, it can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to finish a video. The timeline depends on the amount of content provided by the customer, length, and type of video required.