Motion Graphics Animation Trends 2022

Written By: Shagun   January 4, 2022

The early 2000s was the era of animation. From Lilo & Stitch to Winnie the Pooh and Monster House, are among some of the best animated movies that kids of the 90s and 2000s loved to watch.

However, not much has changed today. Frozen, Minions and their sequels along with other animated movies have been bringing the audiences to the theatre again and again. Not only kids, but adults too are in love with these movies.

Just like Hollywood, motion graphics animation is dominating the marketing world today. From promotional videos to in-app applications, various industries and brands are using motion graphics to capture the attention of their target audience.

Even conventional businesses are moving towards video marketing, and are embracing motion graphic animation trends to make the best out of their marketing efforts.

The beauty of motion graphics animation for companies is that it can display complex images, emotions, and concepts in a brief, simple, and aesthetically attractive video. It results in easy communication and captures and holds the audience's attention.

Motion Graphics Animation

Let’s cover the motion graphics animation trends that will rule in 2022.

Motion Graphics Animation Trends in 2022

1. A Combination of 2D and 3D Animation

Make 2022 the year of creativity and innovation, not only with the storyline but also with graphics. And the best way to do so is by combining both 2D and 3D. The 2D and 3D combination is also known as hybrid combination offers a unique visual perspective.

From commercials to marketing campaigns to game creation, creators have been slowly moving towards hybrid animation. Hybrid animation combines the benefits of both animation styles in a cost-effective way. By integrating these two techniques in the proper way, stunning visuals and motions are created that offers distinct viewpoint and explicit detailing.

2. VFX with 3D Animation

How many times have you skipped a video in the middle because it did not entice you? Something you cannot really count.

With video content becoming a major part of our lifestyle, it becomes important for designers to understand the psychology of their viewers. With such a short attention span, it gets hard for viewers today to devote time to something that has no impact on their eyes or mind.

Thus, by combining VFX with 3D, designers are able to create videos that stand out. Moreover, both VFX and 3D provide a unique visual experience.

From the amplification of dramatic moments and the growth of the overall advertising effect to the improvement of details and aesthetics, you can develop unique videos that capture the attention of the masses.

3. Morphing and Liquid Motion Graphics

Morphing is a video effect that involves a seamless transition of an image or an element from one part to another. Transforming pictures and forms allow you to provide more information in less time. Consider morphing if you're searching for a visually appealing approach to link concepts.

Adding bursts of color and liquid-like flowing patterns to a scene instead of various transitions and scene shifts is what the liquid motion effect is all about. This style provides for a smooth transition.

If you have checked TikTok videos, you sure have tried the morphing feature. Well, as fun it looks on social media, it is not the same in the animation video. On the other hand, liquid motion effects are a bit different to what morphing offers. So, combining them together will result in some awe-inspiring and captivating graphics that not even the viewers have ever anticipated.

4. Retro Motion Designs

Most designers are trying hard to induce creativity and animation that will glue their viewers to their seats. The retro design offers a completely distinct style from the current design. Retro animation effects are really popular right now, and they look fantastic.

Moreover, designers can use retro animation effects to depict 3D components on 2D screens. And when combined with the right visuals, retro motion design will help you acquire more consumers with the blend of modern ideas and old aesthetics.

5. Isometric Animation

Isometric animation is a great way to show off your product's functionality, behavior, and different business processes. This illustration employs isometric projection to produce a 2D visual representation of a 3D image. Isometric images provide a distinct perspective that is ideal for technical illustrations, vintage design, and city illustrations. 

Furthermore, by adding the touch of visual effects to the animation, you can hook your viewers to the screen from inception to the end.

6. Typography with Animation

The animation itself drives viewers, but when you add text to it, certainly it becomes more refined and attractive. Typography is all about adding text, which can be carried out in various ways such as kinetic typography, big and bold typography etc.

Typography is ideal for any promotional activity, including marketing campaigns, advertising, branding, websites, and apps.

Designers can stretch, pixel, twist, and morph letters as they see fit using kinetic typography, which frequently includes 3D effects.

Trends are increasingly favoring a combination of methods and styles. Using this method, you may make the best aesthetic selections while also enhancing the quality of the final video. Animation and typography are not new in the business, it has been going on for a while to entice the end-users.

This year is all about trying new things and experimenting with trends!

Wrapping Up

Trends in video design keep on changing. Consider what goals you want to reach and how long you want to retain them. We hope that these trends will motivate you to use design creativity in your videos and animations to help your business grow.