How To Deliver Valuable Video Content to Your Target Audience

Written By: Karam   August 10, 2021

Video content generated around 80% of internet traffic in 2019. Today, over 87% of marketers use video content. With a pool of content available, why should viewers consume your video content? Does your content add value to your audiences’ lives? And if it doesn’t, why should they watch it?

Compared to any other type of content, social media videos alone contribute to over 1200% of shares. The stats are proof that video content is high in demand. Digital and social channels like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are making sure to meet the growing demands of video marketing by constantly improving their features and techniques. Yet, often, content creators add creativity to their content through these features but not value, leaving the demand for content to be fulfilled by mostly noise.

A report by HubSpot shows that 45% of respondents consume an hour or more of video content every week on YouTube and Facebook. While they do this, it would be symbiotically beneficial for you and your viewers if the videos they binge enrich their lives in some way.

With the engagement video content draws, it becomes important for companies to implement the right video marketing strategy to increase their brand reach. Another study from Cisco predicts that by 2022, 82% of video traffic will be through video content only.

Now, this puts marketers in a tough spot, where they not only have to curate the right video marketing strategy but also attention-grabbing content that will inspire their target audience to connect with them.

Thus, with such a short-term goal, the brand needs to produce valuable content that will attract prospects and generate the desired traction.

Video Content - marketing video

Before we jump to address the type of valuable content for the target audience, let’s see what benefits it brings to the table:

Benefits of Video Marketing Strategy

1. Conversions

Conversion rate is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. With video marketing, you can get more traffic to the website, buy new products, or produce new leads through forms.

2. Emotional Connection

Creating videos that attract your audience, will give them a reason to subscribe to your channel to see more of you. Once you have emotionally connected with your audience, you're ready to develop a powerful and long-lasting connection.

3. Higher Engagement

The stats above show how much consumers love to watch and engage with video content. Video results in higher engagement by fostering a sense of authenticity in viewers, encouraging them to engage and participate in conversation threads.

4. Accessibility

Video accessibility allows a person with a disability to easily understand and experience an online video. It helps persons with disabilities to access information, connect with others, and participate in activities, just like others. With innovative tools and state-of-the-art techniques, anyone can create accessible videos.

Video Content - objectives

Providing Valuable Video Content to Target Audience

1. Public Service Announcements

A public service announcement is a smart way to market your brand with a video. With PSAs, you are not directly selling a product or service; instead, you are selling them a socially conscious idea that they can implement.

A PSA video content strategy allows you to convince your target audience to take the desired action. PSA videos convey your message and build awareness to those who may not be part of your target audience list.

A PSA should include a clear message with your brand value proposition, followed by a compelling CTA that tells viewers what action to take next. Consider your goal, demographic, and message while developing public service announcement video strategies.

2. Non Profit

The perspective of any marketing content is to reach the target audience, increase brand awareness, and generate conversions. Non-profit videos may sound similar to PSAs but are often less boring and talk directly about brand-related topics rather than social causes; they are highly interactive and have great potential to go viral.

Within a few minutes of their launch, these videos take the viewers on an incredible journey to learn more about your brand. Non-profit videos are the best way to share relatable stories and motivate people to act. With nonprofit videos, you can employ a variety of techniques to engage with viewers.

Let’s see what kind of videos you can use for nonprofit video marketing strategy:

  • Explainer Videos

With explainer videos, you have the advantage to introduce your brand to the world without directly promoting your brand.

  • Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are best for evoking emotions. These videos directly connect with your audience and let them see what other people are saying about your brand.

  • Introduction Videos

One of the trending videos today is the introduction video, where you introduce your organization and your team to your target audience. This video-based marketing connects your audience through real-life stories.

  • BTS Videos

Behind the scenes or BTS videos are loved by all. This type of video content is more intimate as it allows you to engage directly with your audience by connecting them with the team behind the project.

3. Educational

Consumers of today love to stay informed, and educational videos are the key to capturing that knowledge-hungry segment.

Educational videos marketing strategy is singularly focused on one service or product allowing people to learn and understand topics that will be beneficial to them and to your brand.

You can create a step-by-step guide by focusing on a particular service or create a video on how your upcoming product can benefit them.

Educational video curates valuable content. So, create a quick and simple video that provides your customers with valuable information.

4. Tutorials

A tutorial video transforms your viewing experience into a real-time learning experience. As some products are more complex to use, so it helps to provide consumers with a step-by-step guide to understand the product easily. Tutorials are one of the popular forms of video marketing, allowing audiences to learn more about your company, product, and service.

The tutorial is the best way to go ahead!

Tutorial videos help people understand complicated subjects, modules, or products quickly and in a fun way.
Through tutorial videos, companies can clearly demonstrate how they use the product and service, diversifying their use cases and allowing viewers to make the right decisions. Tutorial videos are more likely to capture and retain people's attention.

5. Promote a value

In the tech-savvy world, convincing people to change is not an easy task. No matter how much you hear that change is good, the reality is that we like to stick with what we want and know.

Moreover, many people become defensive when it comes to change, which means, companies need to create videos that spark and motivate them to add on something new in their lives.

Thus, offering a value proposition is the right way to start. You need to create videos with a message that will stimulate a connection between what they want and what you are selling. Some examples that showcase message and their value proposition:

  1. Message: Anti-virus can keep your confidential data safe from any cyberattack.

Value Proposition: Keep your system and data secure.

  1. Message: Don’t let stress harm your mental peace.

Value Proposition: Avoid overthinking and get the required support or time off to enjoy.

  1. Message: Masks, sanitizers, and social distancing will protect you.

Value Proposition: Stay safe in this deadly pandemic.

  1. Message: Increase your brand reach with strategic digital marketing services.

Value Proposition: Grow your customer base to generate sales and revenue.

The video content you are creating for your audience should share the right message of what they can gain when they connect with you.

6. Make People Feel Something

All you have to do is let people understand and connect with your video, and this can be easily done through storytelling.

Brand storytelling is the most effective video marketing strategy that will keep your audience engaged throughout. Storytelling done in the form of creative videos will create a powerful impression and build strong, long-lasting relations with consumers.

Create stories through innovative videos to deliver your message.

For instance, you can create interactive videos, where you can use storytelling to connect with your viewers. You can also add Q&A sessions to intrigue your target audience. Several companies tend to set a small questionnaire at the beginning that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

Remember, your video has the potential to attract the masses by letting your consumers understand more about your business, which indeed creates grounds for more conversions.

Nike does a great job of making emotive ads, like this one:

7. Bring people together

In the post-pandemic world, people seek a sense of community. Let them find something to empathize with. Remember, when the consumer feels like they can rely on your brand, they will connect. Video marketing is an entertaining yet attention-grabbing way to connect with consumers

The main reason that brands and companies are implementing the video marketing strategy is that it brings people together. Regardless of the business niche, the goal is to connect with the audience to generate the maximum revenue possible, and the way to achieve this is when your consumers connect with your business.

Video marketing hits directly. So, if you want to get the right recipe to success, video content should be implemented in your marketing strategy.

By sharing your ideas and concepts through creative and interactive videos, you can boost traffic to your web pages.

Video marketing strategy


Creating valuable content requires vision. Your objective is to make your customers understand what value your brand, product, or service can have in their lives.

Once you have the right objective, creating a video is easy.

However, you need to understand that customers are more aware today and that they also get bored easily, so your goal should not only be creating an attractive video, but also an effective one.

Make your video enjoyable and engaging by evoking the right emotions. It is a surefire way to build and promote your brand in the digital world.