Social Media Videos: What Did They Change?

Written By: Rukman Singh   December 1, 2021

If we go back a decade or two, we can see how the marketing landscape has evolved with social media. In the earlier days of marketing, the means were radio, TV, and print media, which are still active but don't have profound results that existed years ago. Consumers today are looking for more: they want to be heard, connected, and understood. Certainly, social media plays a major part in helping companies understand what the end-user is looking for. 

It is easily visible what role it has been playing for marketers and businesses. But how did it manage to change the entire landscape?

Let’s take a look at how it started!

Before the Arrival of Social Media

Before we dig into the present scenario, we first need to take a step back to see how marketing was before social media. Digital marketing did exist. However, it was vividly limited in terms of effectiveness and implementation.

Moreover, search engine optimization was mainly considered a fluke or black hat tactic. This is the reason, there was excessive keyword stuffing, tags, and backlinks. Emails were only used for outbound marketing.

Impact of Social Media on Marketing

Social media posts affect 81% of customers' shopping decisions. It is a cost-effective way to communicate with your consumers and learn what they are saying about your company. In the beginning, the major goal of social media was to build connections with the users.

People used to connect via different platforms. Over time, the content landscape online has transformed dramatically. It has grown from a place where you could connect with friends to a place where you could follow companies, advertise, and shop.

Impact of Social Media on Various Users

Users use these platforms to grow their business, community, and reach. Companies use it to promote their culture, mission, and vision through advertising their products/services and communicating with current and prospective consumers.

Benefit Of Social Media Videos

1. Boosting Engagement

Your target audience, without a doubt, spends time on social media. Remember, users' attention is thin as they are exposed to so much information at once. Customers want to know more about the brand with whom they do business.

Give your customers something to react to if you want them to interact with your brand. 48% of users prefer to share interesting video content over social media platforms. So, think of creative methods to include people with your brand.

To make your customers the brand ambassadors, you need to build an interactive environment that focuses on your product, produces relevant content, and engages with customers regularly.

2. Enhanced Customer Service

For modern businesses, this is a crucial marketing tool, but it can also improve customer service. Your company should have plans in place for dealing with customer service concerns via social media since it provides an additional, more convenient form of communication with consumers and vice versa.

If your business has a social media profile, you will get into customer service. As so many customers use it as a form of communication, there is no way a business can turn around. While responses aren't always fast, the entire process is simplified, and the client isn't kept waiting on the other end of the phone.

3. Customers’ Feedback

Earlier, marketing was all about companies. But times have drastically changed. Today, marketing is all about the customer, which includes customer journey, experience, and behavior. Indeed, social media is playing a vital role in helping companies to be better at providing a satisfactory customer experience.

If we talk about traditional marketing, it was all about one-sided communication, with several limitations. Businesses have never been able to observe how their present and potential customers feel about their products or advertisements. Unless, of course, they spend a lot of money on market research. But, social media has turned the tables around. People have become more proactive.

Engaging with consumers to express their concerns, following up for inquiries, and appreciating how wonderful the product or services turned are, is all part of customer feedback.

If a company receives mostly negative feedback about a specific campaign, they know where to focus. From customer reviews to comments, likes, and shares, these platforms give an array of options for gathering input from customers.

4. Generating Marketplace Insights

Gaining market intelligence is one of the most important advantages of social media. Is there a better method to discover what your consumers believe or need than to speak with them directly? No, right?

Staying active on a social media platform helps you to learn about your clients' values and interests that you would not have known otherwise. This is among the most valuable research tools you can use.

You can gain a thorough understanding of who your customers are, what they are looking for, and what makes them happy.

A Stepping Stone for Organizations

Social media have a huge impact on marketing decisions. So, businesses should put more effort into developing a value-generating strategy. Unfortunately, some marketers jump on this bandwagon without a defined plan and later ends up with disappointment.

Companies may provide behind-the-scenes information, integrate videos regarding customers’ feedback, create webinars explaining how a product or service works, in short, explain their operations or take a stance on a social issue. With social media, you have no limits. You can fly and reach your business potential.

Final Words

Social media has completely changed the way internet marketing works. Giving companies complete control over who they want to advertise to, it has paved way for communication between brands and customers and has revolutionized marketing, now it's time for you to put in some effort and make it work for you.