Effectiveness Of Collage Animation- The Best Format For Remote Content Creation

Written By: Shagun   November 22, 2022

79% of people are extremely happy with video streaming. 54% of customers wait for more video content from brands they like. These stats inspire and persuade marketers to add more video content to their marketing strategy.

But with competitors following the same approach and short video duration, it becomes challenging to impress the target audience. You have only a few seconds to make a mark and capture their attention. So, how you will impress your viewers? Well, the answer is through video collage animation.

With collage videos, you can easily turn any simple video into an interesting and viral video. Plus, they make a great digital asset to reach your target audience and convey your message in a creative form.

The beauty of collage animation videos is that you can add multiple videos in a single frame. So, if a single video is unable to justify your brand’s message and communicate your offering, a collage animation can easily serve the purpose. Moreover, making video collages is a creative yet simple task with the right tools in place.

But before we dig deeper into this, let us take you into the world of collage animation.

Introduction to Collage Animation

It is a style of animation that combines graphics with real images. It can include using more graphics than images, or vice versa. It is a compelling graphic that explains how history and society have an impact on the future. It illustrates how history and leaders have an effect on the future. These collage animation slide displays are a fantastic approach to informing the target audience about crucial topics. Collage animation is effective in teaching social issues, product explanation, and explainer videos.

In case you didn't know, Quirino Cristiani have created the first collage animation in 1917 for the animated movie "El Apóstol." Lotte Reiniger's silhouette animations were the next that were created in 1920. After that Terry Gilliam was the next artist who created another fantastic invention of collage animation in the opening sequence of his movie "Monty Python's Flying Circus." Collage animation's popularity skyrocketed after that. We now see a lot of advertising and movies that use collage animation.

Effectiveness of Collage Animation

Collage animation is a unique and constructive approach to creativity and explanation. It has been with us for over a century, and its efficacy has been increasing ever since. From helping companies to design well-crafted animation to using this form for entertaining and educating their audience at the same time, collage animation relevance is more than you can 7imagine. In order to learn more about its effectiveness, here is the list of the best 7 collage animation that shows what magic you can create by combining photos, animation, and motion graphics.

1. Fever

Fever was crafted by Naja Meek an animator who is known for creating illustrative animation. Naja Meek illustrates the story through her unique style of freestyle art. She created an animated collage video – Fever, where she narrated the love of red color with different photo animation and motion graphics.

In her opening sequence, she started with “Don’t You Just Love The Color Red” to hook the audience to their screens. The red is color of love, and in this video, the color is elaborated in party style to celebrate women’s moods. The video sets an attractive and light-party mood to the collage animation. This is a must-watch video, indeed!

2. Travel Vertical

Another amazing collage animation video was created by Artist Fernando Reyes. This video is a unique take on video animation, it shows life in a vertical motion, and how it is different on diverse levels of Earth and Space.

The collage animation gives a vintage touch through images and animation. The artist has shown how using the right tools can increase creativity. He has used various tools like After Effects, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro X to make this collage animation stand out from the rest.

3. Rey Whiskey

A Brief History of Rey Whiskey created by Don Draper is another great animated collage video to watch. This video explores the lengthy histories of Scotch Whisky and Tequila, discusses the significance of female distillers throughout the history of spirits, and demonstrates how vodka evolved from a medical spirit to the Vodka Martini made famous by James Bond.

 When it comes to history, collage animation is a great medium, especially with vintage and black and white photos. In this instance, the photographs are set against a colorful backdrop that seems to have created a pleasing appearance.

4. Boney M

A collage animation that not only glues your eyes to the screen but also makes you tap your feet. This amazing video is created by Joud Tanta. He created and produced this video for his video art class in 2018. To make this video impactful and give a picture-in-motion look, he used animated pictures and cutouts from old and vintage magazines.

The video collage animation is a work of art, and Joud built an original collage by using random images from various publications. He changed the velocity of the photos by adding attention-grabbing background music. The drums in the opening sequence are enough to get you hooked. This collage animation in this video is simple and amazing. Check out this brilliant artwork.

5. Dwayne Johnson

The life narrative of well-known Hollywood actor and professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, is depicted in this collage animation. To give this animated video a more dramatic feel, the animator incorporated an audio sample of Johnson's own using strong language and expletives.

This collage-style animated video uses Dwayne Johnson's voice from a speech he delivered at the LA Lakers' #GeniusTalks event to tell a portion of his real story. This one is a great example of collage animation.

A word of advice it is NOT FOR KIDS!

6. Reality

Amier Firdaus is an artist who created this amazing animation called Reality using collage animation to depict the effects of one generation's civilization on the next. The artist has depicted how history and influential figures have impacted today's society and how it will alter in the future.

Amier used Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop for his illustrations. To accurately convey the information, he chose captivating and aesthetic themes. The use of color, music, and motion has been well shown.

7. À La Fin…

You may use a collage animation as a technique to pique and stimulate the audience's emotions and help them relate to your animation. By employing this strategy, Nicolas is able to emotionally link his work and message to the audience.

The artist used topics like global warming and pollution to try to get the audience's attention. Instead of using cut-out photos, Nicolas employed keyed-out sceneries. He employed a distinctive strategy to make a highly original argument on a serious subject.

The Best Format For Remote Content Creation


The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) developed MP4 as a multimedia format for storing audiovisual data. MP4 employs JPEGs as the foundation for its frames, which allows for reduced file sizes. Animated MP4s behave similarly to animated GIFs and PNGs. MP4s cannot have translucent backgrounds since they employ JPEG encoding for each frame.


MOV can hold multiple tracks of different kinds of media data and is frequently used to save movies and other video files. MOV files provide extremely high-quality streaming. MOV is definitely the best format to use if you're editing in a professional setting.


An animated GIF file is a moving visual picture on a Web page. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) files include many pictures or frames and are characterized by their own graphic control extension. To express animation, the frames are presented in a precise sequence. An animated GIF can continue to loop indefinitely or stop after a few frames.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe after effects is one of the most popular tools used by animators and video creators for video animation. It is a 2.5D animation software which is used for blending motion pictures, visual effects, and animation. Film, television, and online video production all use the After Effects format. 


Animations, graphics, and digital clips are all blended into an animated collage to give it a creative and handmade appearance and feel. Animation collage videos make it easier to connect with your audience to fulfill your marketing objective. This animation method can deliver educational and entertaining collage videos. We can help you create collage animation videos that will attract your end viewers. Get in touch with us at Support@pixeldino.com to discuss your upcoming video animation project.