CINCO DE MAYO: Mexican Design Inspiration

Written By: Manreet Khara   May 5, 2022

Celebrated on the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the defeat of the French army near Puebla in 1862 by a platoon of Mexicans. On this day, we are going to demonstrate the top 5 designs from the web that display the vibrant design landscape of Mexico.

Mexico impresses with its delectable cuisine, upbeat culture, and vivid design. Mexico's culture is a fusion of Indian, American, and Spanish influences. And their art and design reflect this vibrancy.

In Mexico, folk arts, religion, and culture are found in practically every nook and crevice. It is so deep-rooted that even their graphic design culture is steeped in indigenous heritage and customs. It has been not long enough since the brands have decided to incorporate Mexican designs in their branding. So, today, on Cinco de Mayo, we are going to explore different Mexican design elements that designers can take inspiration from.

But before we jump to the design patterns that you can implement, we are going to take a look at how Mexican design is different from other traditional design forms

Mexican Design and Victorian Era Design

Mexican Design
Source: Imgix

The Victorian design style nearly usually used a lot of graphics and writing to cover the whole page. The elaborate borders were utilized less in later Victorian style, although the extravagant type and romantic images were still used. During the Victorian era, typography was usually in the form of a curve or wave, and it was frequently encased in a banner. On the other hand, the Mexican design style uses too many bold colors, patterns, and intricate details that make the posters and designs pop out and compelling. Mexican design seemed to have sprung out of nowhere in recent years. The craftsmanship is seen in each style, as well as the richness of detail, are what distinguish Mexican interior design. Traditional patterns and bold designs are emphasized, yet new design ideals are beautifully incorporated.

Mexican Design and Scandinavian Design

Mexican Design
Source: Freepik

Almost every region has a different take on almost anything. And the design is no exception. Coming in various forms and characteristics, design sure is one thing that can tie up the world together. One of the most reliable and highly popular designs in the world, Scandinavian design has made its way to the world of graphic designs too. With serene color palettes, clean lines, and extensive use of natural resources, this design form is completely opposite to what Mexican design has to offer. From colors to style and art form to typography, Mexican design and Scandinavian Design are both frequently opted by designers for different needs.

Now let's go through the top 5 distinctive features of Mexican designs that can learn from.

Top 5 Mexican Design Features to Get Inspired

Bold and Bright Colors

When we talk about Mexican design form, then MORE is just another word. To produce delightfully vibrant and bright graphics, bold and frequently clashing colors are employed in excess. Color is used liberally in Mexican design. Hot pinks, bright yellows, and turquoise blues may be seen everywhere, from the façade of colonial-style buildings to local art.

Mexican Design
Source: Pinimg

With its gorgeous strong colours leaping off the page, it would be difficult for this poster to go ignored. Each color in the design was chosen with care and complements the others on the page beautifully, with hints of orange and yellow tying the whole thing together. The bold background colors also help the vivid colours stand out without being too distracting to the viewer.

Textured and Hand Drawn Designs

Mexican Design
Source: 123rf

A lot of current Mexican design still uses old techniques, giving it a traditional vibe. Use hand-drawn motifs and rough textures to give your work a personal touch, as seen in traditional Mexican handicrafts and folk art. To give the product a more natural and approachable look, use textured elements in brand banners. The organic design and rich colour overlays distinguish it from its slick, computerized counterparts while also indicating the freshness of the advertised articles.

Intricate Mexican Designs

Mexican Design
Source: Uprint

The use of intricate detailing in Mexican design is not uncommon. This style of design is quite detailed, and it takes a long time to create. If you need to make a brochure, poster, or banner with maximum impact, such as for the launch of a new product or upcoming festive alert, this level of exquisite design is ideal.

Mexican Typography

Mexican Design
Source: Dribbble

Imperfectly styled hand lettering, similar to using rough textures, can bring ferocious individuality into your projects. This stylized writing is a highly distinctive Mexican design characteristic that appears in many of the other styles we've looked at. You may go as basic or as extensively complex as you'd like with organic typography, depending on the intended appearance and feel of your design.

Cacti Design

Mexican Design

Cacti are currently incredibly popular in design and have become a crucial aspect of modern design. They've become one of Mexico's most recognisable emblems, appearing on everything from cards to textiles and even interior design.

If you are still not impressed with what Mexican Art Form has to offer, then connect with our experts today to see how they can use this design pattern to amplify your product look.

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