#36DaysofType: Brings New Fonts to the Food Industry for Logo Branding

Written By: Manreet Khara   May 1, 2022

The annual moment all designers wait for is back with the same flair! Artists from all around the world have been putting their ideas into designs for the 36 Days Of Type design competition. This project was developed in 2014 by Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea, two graphic designers from Barcelona. On March 7th, 2022 the annual competition began, welcoming designers to participate using #36daysoftype on Instagram.

If we talk about typography it can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with different fonts available. Though there are several easy to recognize fonts, there are some that will just blow your mind away. This makes it difficult for industries to choose the right font for their logo branding.

If you are in the food industry, waiting to launch your brand or looking for new marketing styles, then we have cooked up this list of the best fonts for you from #36daysoftype. From spaghetti to pancakes, we have covered a range of alphabets in terms of food.

Each year people come up with different and unique designs using various alphabets and numbers. In this post, we will be showcasing 26 typography designs from the Latin Alphabet that caught our attention.

Without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling!

Letter A

logo branding

A for Avocado - a simple and easy design that can be used by the food industry either for logo branding or marketing banners. Designed by Sophie.hart.studio for 36 days of type, this is surely one that motivates us towards simple and attractive banner designs.

Letter B

logo branding

The food industry has been looking for new and interesting ways to market the brand. And certainly, this font from 36daysoftype B by @rogerroqueid is one you can take an advantage of. Beautifully crafted sushi in the form of alphabet B can be the next marketing banner for your ad campaigns.

Letter C

logo branding

Whether it is C with Coffee or C with Cookie, @nedjida.nassy design for #36daysoftype is a perfect example that coffee shops can leverage.

Letter D

logo branding

D for Dhokla. Creativity at the peak. A beautiful design by scribblingallday_ is a perfect marketing example. As KFC says “It’s finger-lickin' Good”: food industry tycoons can craft something similar to this style and promote their specifics.

Letter E

logo branding

Imagine presenting your customers with a fruit salad that is designed in the shape of an alphabet. Designed by alejandrameloplaza for 36 days of type - this style not only looks pleasing to the eyes but also increases your appetite. Make the most of this concept to increase your foot traffic.

Letter F

logo branding

Letter F- Mitarashi Dango! It is a Japanese dish prepared with rice balls glazed with sweet soy sauce! A perfect branding design by Shivaniparasnis for 36 days of type letter F. 

Letter G

logo branding

If you are a cheese lover then you will surely like this Gruyere Cheese design by vieromaind. There are a plethora of cheese types available, so if you are in the cheese factory business, you can use this typography to advertise your brand.

Letter H

logo branding

H for Happiness, H for Hashbrowns. An interesting font style by ronald_fong

Letter I

logo branding

When we talk about I, ice cream is the first thing that crosses our minds. So, how can the #36daysoftype be complete without a perfect ice-cream font style? A beautiful design by amadine.app is a must to take inspiration from.

Letter J

logo branding

What an interesting and colorful J font example from 36daysoftype Sweet J by @tim.tim.tim.tim? Cereal brands can use this typography in their branding and advertising to attract more customers. 

Letter K

logo branding

Designed by there.is.studio for #36daysoftype letter K is an interesting concept that has all the right elements present a restaurant branding can take benefit from.

Letter L

logo branding

This 3D design by ronald_fong is a must-have in your marketing strategy. The designer has used different styles to bring out this typography to life. From rendering to digital art, a lot has been added to design incredible and unique typography.

Letter M

logo branding

Created by Rheedesign this design of Mac N Cheese is the perfect blend of graphic design and typography that can be used in a company’s logo or banners for promotions and advertising.

Letter N

logo branding

Wow, what an interesting concept from 36daysoftype Noodles! Designed by @cz_trashart, this Noodle typography is surely a banner material. Marketers can use such ideas to significantly increase brand reach and foot traffic.

Letter O

logo branding

Designed by mrjakemathew for #36daysoftype is a perfect typography example for the letter O. From logo branding to product advertising, businesses can use this design to attract doughnut lovers.

Letter P

logo branding

Pancake lovers will surely be impressed when they see this design on their screens. A beautifully illustrated typography by Studiomuti for #36daysoftype should be in your next social media marketing strategy.

Letter Q

logo branding

When it comes to the food industry or any other industry per se, “Q” is the hard one to come up with unique and relevant designs. But Cz_trashart designed a beautiful illustration for Q - Quiche. Food industry marketers looking for new and innovative designs can take inspiration from this typography from #36daysoftype and craft some interesting designs for their next marketing campaigns.

Letter R

logo branding

You know typography is a big thing when top brands can’t stop themselves from participating. A beautifully illustrated design for #36daysoftype letter R by swiggyindia followed with a perfect caption - “We're on a roll” is all the inspiration you need to come up with something unique for your brand’s branding.

Letter S

logo branding

S for a snack bar, which can be a healthy and delicious or chocolaty and perfect guilt-free meal. Designed by Lisa_sheehan_asillo3d, this typography can be the perfect logo branding opportunity for companies selling a healthy snack bar or used for marketing campaigns promoting their variety of bars for their customers.

Letter T

logo branding

Bold and attractive typography designed by ro.doodles with a perfect caption T for Thicc fries is all you need for your next marketing campaign.

Letter U

logo branding

Designed by Christine_de_tupi for #36daysoftype_u is an upside-down cake, which justifies the typography on a creative and delicious level. Marketers can put this design into practice to create a marketing campaign banner by adding different and interesting elements to it.

Letter V

logo branding

“Netflix and Chill is incomplete without a bag of popcorn.” Many will agree. Even the birdie and rabbit agree with us. A beautiful graphic design by Slugfang for the letter V should be in your next marketing campaign strategy. It is visually appealing and can work as your inspiration.

Letter W

logo branding

Wow, a graphically and typographically pleasing design from 36daysoftype of letter W illustrated by @nikita.volkov can be leveraged by brands and marketers. 

Letter X

logo branding

When it comes to the food industry, any dish can be made and designed using the Latin alphabet. And mirandasuzannedesign seconds our thought. For #36daysoftype 2022, she came up with a visually appealing design for X that states X-tra hot cross buns!

Letter Y

logo branding

Yummy for your tummy. This graphic design by jotatrentini is a perfect inspiration for ice cream parlours. Marketers can use this illustration to attract customers by adding new elements to their campaigns.

Letter Z

logo branding

Looking for something unique and creative to promote healthy eating, this graphic design from #36daysoftype, designed by Thefluteedit with caption Z for Za'atar is all you need to get started with branding.

Wrapping Up

The above designs are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are looking for more, visit your Instagram account and type #36daysoftype to get inspired for cooking new branding and marketing strategies.

Take inspiration from the examples we have listed above, and if you still feel stuck or looking to learn more, you can reach us at Support@pixeldino.com!