Best Halloween-Themed Websites To Take Inspiration From

Written By: Shagun   October 19, 2022

Browsing through the blood-chilling Halloween costumes already? One of the most amazing, and our personal favorite holiday seasons is right around the corner, and just like everyone else, we have started the preparation.

And this time the preparation is not only limited to scary dresses and haunted houses, but we are also going full throttle. This Halloween, update your website with some eerie and spooky designs to captivate your visitors.

For the month of October, we'll be showcasing a collection of freebies with a Halloween theme for web design, including emoticons and Halloween-themed vectors, patterns, backgrounds, and banners.

1. Fangoria

Fangoria is a stylish website devoted to popular horror. Fangoria's website, which was formerly a print magazine, has a pleasing pop-art design. It offers coverage of recent releases as well as historical insights into the horror genre. Exclusive interviews with the directors, writers, and actors of classic horror movies are also included. You may find a book, a comic, a game, a toy, mixtapes, and much more here.

2. Deathdate

Ever consider the day of your death? If so, you've arrived at the correct page. You can enter some basic information about yourself, like your height, weight, and specific behaviors, on this horrifying website Deathdate. The website then determines the precise day and hour that you will no longer be alive. If that's not unsettling enough, the date of your death is also disclosed along with a countdown clock that shows how much longer you have to live.

Cobwebs and Spiders

If we are talking about ideas that might be utilized in Halloween web designs, then employing spiders and their web is a great concept. If you visit any of the scariest sites, you will undoubtedly discover spiders and cobwebs there.

It is an additional item that might be employed easily without altering the design's overall motif. Any size spider perched on a huge or hollow letter can be used. Although these components won't offer your site a particular Halloween appearance, they are still a wonderful concept if combined properly with certain additional components.

3. Real Ghost Stories Online

What can be more fangtastic than listening to ghost stories during Halloween? This website serves as the internet home for a podcast on ghost stories, and to entice viewers to tune in, it uses some eerie black-and-white photos that can give anyone chills. So, if you are weak at heart, we advise you to steer away, but if you are not, then turn the lights off, get your headgear on, and get ready for a spooky night with some enchanting ghost stories podcast.

4. Frightfind

This website is dedicated to helping you locate the nearby haunted attractions and actual haunted locations where you may enjoy the fright of your life.

This website has it all when it comes to offering up spooks and scares, with an astounding number of thorough entries and historical accounts of real hauntings. Finding fear in your neighborhood is made much easier with the addition of a feature section that lists the haunts regionally.

Looking for the most comprehensive list of all local haunted houses? Frightfind is your greatest bet because they excel at it.

5. The Ghost Bus Tours

The Ghost Bus Tours website is decorated with humorous bloodshed and stylized gothic images. The humorous bleeding typeface keeps the website entertaining to read and aids in reaching a broad audience for this spooky entertainment.

The intricate drawings and video content compensate for the lack of animations by presenting a storyline as you scroll down the website.

6. Bloody Disgusting

If you are looking to do something more creative, then check out Bloody Disgusting. It is a full-fledged gateway for anything related to horror, with a variety of terrifying videos, podcasts, TV series, movies, and other content.

This tool has the power to chase boredom away. Additionally, it offers a forum where horror lovers may interact and purchase, sell, or trade anything relevant to the horror subculture. If you want more Bloody Disgusting, you may follow a number of social media accounts to obtain the most recent information on what's happening in the horror industry.


What will you be doing on Halloween? Do you intend to update the entire website or only specific parts of it? There seem to be many alternatives, from having fun to building websites. All Hallows' Eve this year, hopefully, will be a memorable one! Do you know of any more interesting and spooky websites everyone should check out? Do share in the comments!