The Basics Of Making A Scary Video Or Even A Horror Movie

Written By: Shagun   October 21, 2022

The spookiest season of the year is back again. Pumpkin decorations and spooky costumes are starting to go up. The Internet is filled with scary memes, spooky hashtags, and horrifying DIY makeup videos. And as a creator or marketer, it is natural for you to be excited – to be a part of this online seasonal celebration in order to boost your business and attract your target audience.

The easiest way to be a part of this Halloween trend is to add a little spookiness and creepiness to your content – the best way to do so is by creating scary videos. Even though you are more of a professional video creator, we believe that you have Alfred Hitchcock hidden in you.

The best thing about creating a bone-chilling video is you do not need a hefty budget. In fact, you hardly need any budget. Right skills and eerie ideas will scare the hell out of everyone watching your video. And this latest Omegle Short Horror Film is the best example. Grab a buddy and check out this video now!

This short horror movie has sure given you some new ideas. So, hang on to them while we help you with the top 4 basic tips on making a scary video or a horror movie.

Let the spookiness begin!

Tips on Making a Scary Video or a Horror Movie for Halloween

#Create a Storyline

When it comes to creating a scary movie or video, you need to rely heavily on creating the feeling of uneasiness and suspense. Extreme close-ups, wide shots, weird confusion, and many other elements should be an important part of your story.

Emphasize the character's isolation in a lonely environment. It also gives off a voyeurism-like vibe. Make the viewers think is she being watched. Whatever the storyline is, it should amplify the uneasiness of the character, so your viewers cannot take their eyes off the screen.

With short movies, you have an advantage, you do not need to drag the story around several characters, killing everyone to make the audience jump out of their seats screaming. Your Halloween video can have the same impact in 5 minutes, where your focus will be on a single character, just like Omegle Short Horror Film. Filmmakers enjoy making scary movies because they have a free license to bend the laws of cinema to their advantage. For instance, Ouija 2 is another example of a perfect Halloween scare.

#Use Ominous Music

The simplest and most efficient approach to give your videos a good Halloween feel is to use eerie, foreboding music. For centuries we have seen music plays an integral role in movies. So, as long as there are horror films, the notion of utilizing music to evoke tension and fear will stay constant. The use of ominous music in videos on YouTube by channels like Nexpo, Screamfest, or Scary Mysteries, which regularly receive hundreds of thousands of views, demonstrates how widely popular it is there as well.

The wonderful thing about it is that if you choose the correct music, it's extremely simple to make any subject appear a bit uncomfortable. It's also something that will undoubtedly keep your audience on edge without being too frightening to turn off those who aren't into Halloween.

For instance, this Stay up Late – Horror Short Film is the best example of using the right music for a perfect scary video.

#Understand Cinematic Techniques

You must absolutely create a scary atmosphere in your horror movie. You might be able to compensate for any shortcomings in the acting, audio, or plot with a truly strong earth-shattering atmosphere like creating suspense. And every successful horror movie has a high dose of suspense that makes the audience clench their teeth.

There's a good reason why Alfred Hitchcock is renowned as the "Master of Suspense." His audience is drawn into the lives of his characters through the right use of POV, zoom effects, and camera angles, frequently being forced to be in the shoes of the victim or worst, sometimes see it through the eyes of the murderer.

Another amazing cinematic technique that most directors and creators use is a jump scare. Though many do not prefer it for seasonal videos, it is a great tool to get your audience's heart racing and make them share your video throughout their community. Punctuation, such as a loud crash or abrupt flash of light or an object that is brought into focus by a cut or zoom, is the foundation of a successful jump scare. The Award Winning Short Horror Film Close Your Eyes 2022 is the perfect example of the jump scare.

#Build Up Tension and Release

Building a terrifying expectation is one of a frightening video's most important elements. Consider the most recent terrifying movie you watched. Take note of the amount of buildup there is before the scary portion really occurs it might be creepy music, a scary object or a person, sound effects, or unpleasant sights.

When the terrifying event finally occurs, you alleviate the tension you've created with your audience. Sometimes it takes the shape of a scream, a leap, or an emotional denouement. Make sure to include a release for your viewers after creating that horrifying, heart-pounding suspense.

There are a variety of techniques you can use to increase and release tension in your movie, including the sound of a ticking clock, footsteps, water, weird laughter, ominous lighting, and camera angles. These techniques help you set the audience up for powerful surprises or go for the phony like "Oh, it was an empty room," and then BOOM! Check out this VR Escape Room short horror film for the tension buildup.

Wrapping Up

Halloween is a terrific time to experiment with video content. Whether you aim to create a horror video or a scary comedy, in the end, all you need is a great and engaging story to keep your viewers hooked on the screens. Feel free the borrow ideas from the above short films or your favorite movies and use those to create an original Halloween video story.