7 Signs Your Ecommerce Business Needs to Hire a Video Agency

Written By: Shagun   January 22, 2022

Unless you are asleep at the wheel, you already know how strongly video content is spearheading the marketing sector.

Videos have been changing the entire psychology of how customers consume content.

From SaaS to e-commerce, companies have embedded video content in their marketing strategy. If you think selling a product is difficult, then the training mask video will change your perception.

The latest Wyzowl study shows an 85% rise in video marketing tools in 2020. Another survey states that 93% of marketers consider videos as their essential marketing tool.

So, you need to invest rightly on your video marketing capabilities over Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media channels. However, jumping on the bandwagon without the right skills can prove to be a waste of time and effort.

Video content consists of a plethora of types, styles, formats, and spheres, and without the right skill set, it can be overwhelming to achieve your desired goal. With complex processes, it is difficult to establish whether you are capable enough to accomplish the task yourself or you need to hire a video agency to direct you towards the right path.

To help you out, we have aligned 7 signs that show you are in need to hire a video agency for your ongoing e-commerce video marketing efforts.

7 Signs Your Business Needs to Hire a Video Agency

1. Your Website Lacks Videos

78% of video marketers have observed an increase in sales with the help of video content.

If your website doesn’t have videos, then you have to consider hiring a video marketing professional.

Videos build trust, and the best way to engage with your target audience is through visuals. This includes animated explainer videos that narrate what your product/service is about. It also discusses how to use it, and how it will benefit consumers will significantly upsurge your website traffic.

Keep your visitors informed by presenting them with a descriptive and value-added video.

It has been observed that most visitors on the website are more inclined towards watching a video than reading a blog post. So, if your website lacks videos, then you are missing out on a lot.

Educate, and at the same time, entice your visitors. Do this by hiring the right professionals who can kickstart your video marketing journey.

2. Overwhelmed with Video Marketing Niche

Video Agency - Video Marketing Niche

A 2019 YouTube survey reported, 70% of YouTube’s watch time is through mobile users. We've all spent hours on YouTube checking the new movie trailer or maybe watching documentaries on whales, so this number actually makes sense. As a marketer, you must capitalize on this.

With cut-throat competition, it is impossible to understand which way to move, especially when you are a novice.

Your competitors are aggressively working on their video marketing skills. It is no longer a debate that you need to push more towards video, perhaps you are too confused about where to begin.

While crafting a video content plan, there are some questions that cross your mind more than twice:

  • What type of video to make first?
  • Will customers be impressed with the video created?
  • Should I create a short video or a long video?

If you face difficulty in kickstarting your video creation journey, you need to hire a video agency that can help you to get started resourcefully.

Having a professional at hand helps in yielding a strong and positive strategy to deliver effective video content that aims to meet your business objectives.

3. A Decline in your Tractions

A report from Cisco states by 2022 82% of consumer traffic will be through online videos.

So, if you are facing a decline in your website traffic, then get the ball rolling for video content creation. Though if you are completely new at it, you need to hire a video agency to start start with the right foot. The video marketing agency knows what your company requires, so based on that they will create a storyline to attract consumers.

Nike’s “Last” 1-minute short video is a great example of what a well-executed video can do when it comes to attracting the audience.

4. Lacking in Creativity

Without creativity, you cannot do justice to your video marketing efforts.

Lack of innovation and creativity in your video will not intrigue your end-viewers. In fact, they will be jumping right away to your competition. Creativity and information together are the most powerful assets. You need to understand that data on its own will not sell the product - the creativity will. Though data tells what is needed. So, you need to add creativity to your data to make it to the watcher's list.

Google Assistant’s ad “Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant” gives innovation a new turn.


When you decide to hire a video agency, they know what will work perfectly with your business proposition. Thus, scrutinizing the trends and your brand value, they craft video content that aims to bring the audience to your channel.

5. Unable to Put Your Ideas into Motion

You've got an idea; now let the team work it out for you.

Sometimes companies come up with amazing ideas but lack the basic skills and creativity to work them out in content, and this is where the need to hire a video agency arises.

Remember, user-generated content can drive 29% more conversions as compared to campaigns without the one.

Moreover, user-generated content is best for companies with a limited budget.

REI’s “What’s your But?” is an amazing example of how companies can create videos.

A video agency knows how to make the best piece out of your small idea that will generate brand awareness and engage with your audience.

6. Increased Customer Churn Rate

Video Agency

You might think about what this has to do with video marketing. Well, when it comes to video content it is known to produce some invaluable results.

So, if you feel a heavy drop in customers lately, you need to invest more in video marketing to attract them right where you want.

A Wyzowl report shows companies increased brand awareness up to 42% with video marketing. Another report shows an 87% rise in ROI with video content.

With such stats in place, you are certain to retain and attract consumers to your website.

All you need to do is create video content that speaks volumes about why your brand is the best-suited choice for users.

Landing page video can considerably boost your conversion rate up to 80% - a study by WordStream.

Bring in consumer testimonials, provide users with videos that add value to their lives, make them feel important by connecting with them, and inform them about what you are about to bring next. These small things help in customer retention, and when delivered with visuals, it helps in snowballing word-of-mouth marketing.

7. Unable to Create Attention-Grabbing Videos

Vimeo's study shows 82% of people prefer watching live mobile videos to other social media posts.

Users have a limited attention span, so if you want to create videos that attract them throughout, you need to think out of the box. You need a creative personality with impressive video creation skills who understand the audience.

Becoming an 'eye candy' is next to impossible, especially if you are creating mundane content.

Top-notch brands like Nike, Adidas, Google, Facebook, etc. are trying to embed new videos into their marketing efforts so that people stick with them for a longer duration.


If you hesitate in hiring an experienced and capable video marketing professional, you might be handing your potential customers directly to your competitors. A good video doesn’t mean visuals and background music. Video creation is an art that involves several assets to make you stand out from the rest.


Consumers are far-fetched with the type of video content available at the foot.

A survey conducted by Zenith shows that an average person will possibly spend 10 minutes a day watching online videos. Indeed, how many times have you thought, let's take a 5 minutes break and scroll through Instagram, but the reels are so catchy that most of us get lost scrolling through, and then we regret how 5 minutes turned into 1 hour. Use this time-distorting quality of video content to your advantage!

Evidently, video content is an irreplaceable part of your marketing efforts.

With many things that can spark your business process, video marketing is on the top. Whether you see a huge decline in tractions, an increase in churn rate, are overwhelmed with video marketing techniques, do not have attention-grabbing videos on your website, are confused to put your ideas into motion, or you lack creativity, then you need to collaborate with a video marketing agency to overcome these hurdles.

Take inspiration from the examples we have listed above, and if you still feel stuck or looking to learn more, you can reach us at Support@pixeldino.com!