The Need for People-Centric Videos In The Digital Age

Written By: Shagun   November 3, 2022

For media companies, the competition is more rapid than in any other industry. Hence, they need to be fast than ever. Faced with rapidly changing industry norms, prospects, aggressive competition, and intricate workflow, companies need to be one step ahead to make a significant mark in the industry. Taking the global pandemic into account, we need to understand that companies have to adapt to change in months, not years.

We have seen how the pandemic pushed people all around the world to dissociate at the beginning of this decade. In the face of uncertainty, industries throughout the world were forced to make difficult decisions on how to continue operating remotely. So, this may come as no surprise that when and where the things can take a different turn. To fulfill this demand for pace, media companies have shifted from traditional to Agile techniques, allowing for rapid deployment rather than lengthier projects that may become obsolete before they are accomplished.

In this article, we will discuss the need for people-centric videos that will help you to thrive in this competitive digital environment.

Top 3 Reasons For People-Centric Videos

1. Increased Accessibility

Let's be honest, it isn't always possible to provide a live 24-hour sales and support hotline, and even when it is, it may not be the greatest use of corporate resources. Chatbot software, also known as virtual agents, is a terrific option, but if you want to be more customer-centric, you should supplement chatbot discussions with videos wherever possible.

Video allows you to connect with your customers on a friendlier and human level. By making video content a prominent part of your business strategy, you can move one step ahead of your competition. Customers today are looking for more than a chatbot interaction or navigating through the entire website to see what you offer.

Thus, adding a video on your website’s homepage will make it feasible for them to understand your value proposition. Hence, making it easy for them to come to a sound decision. Accessibility not only enhances the client experience but also provides you a competitive advantage—a must in hyper-competitive marketplaces.

2. Better Customer Service

Long wait times may impact negatively on your client experience. Depending on your sort of business, videos can dramatically cut your clients' wait time. For example, a retail store website can have professional video walkthroughs available for customers at the awareness stage of the buyer's journey while arranging products for customers who are ready to buy.

A video-centric digital approach will free up your calling lines, email inbox, and meeting calendar for consumers who demand more customized attention. This implies that everyone who does business with you will have to wait for less. Apparently, sales presentations, training sessions, and after-sales assistance for your company might be translated into on-demand videos that consumers with broad questions or frequent concerns can watch at their convenience.

Being customer-centric means focusing on video. It's important to remember that incorporating a video-centric strategy into your business model isn't just another cost. Rather, it should be recognized as an important tool that businesses like yours can use to achieve a variety of objectives. Employing techniques to ensure that your customers are getting accessible, convenient, and expedient help reveals that your company emphasizes the customer experience.

3. Satisfactory Customer Experience

Consumer buying habits have evolved drastically in recent years. Many buyers make a purchase with a single click of a button - and most of those are catered by a 60-seconds product demo video on social media or on a website. Your consumers want more from you than just the product or service you provide. At the same time, they anticipate having a positive and satisfactory customer experience.

That is why video is such a powerful tool for lowering support times. Not only you can keep your clients happier by providing the material that precisely addresses their support requirements, but you're also doing so in a more tailored and engaging manner. You're also giving customers the impression that your brand cares about their satisfaction with your product.

People may watch your video over and again till they completely get the subject or tip. Furthermore, video allows you to make crystal clear replies that will wow your clients. You can inform and show your clients how to fix their problems via video, which helps you to move on to the next support inquiry faster.

That’s all folks!

Remember that by incorporating video into your digitalization design, you can change your company into the people-centric brand you desire. Connect with Pixel Dino today to learn how you can take the first step in making people-centric videos.