Halloween Special – How To Make Your Website Scary But Not Enough To Creep Out Visitors?

Written By: Shagun   October 19, 2022

We all love Halloween! From dressing scary to decorating our home to freaking everyone out, Halloween is the best festival to wake up that child in you. And this is the best time for a spooky makeover, not only for your house but also for your website.

No matter what type of business you operate, or whether or not you are big into Halloween, you can always participate in the bloodcurdling spirit of Halloween to attract your target audience and boost your sales. Since festival season is one of the biggest excuses for shopping and people look online for big Halloween bargains, so a website is the best way to make it easy for your target audience to find you and your products online.

Together, we are going to create the eeriest and most unique websites that the world has ever seen, which will not be as freaky as The Conjuring but not less than Scream. Shhh…

Sorry, got a bit carried away.

Moreover, changing your website's look seasonally has a number of benefits:

  • Celebrate the most loved festival with your consumers in a fun and unexpected way.
  • Improve your brand's distinctive story by leveraging Halloween.
  • Use seasonal symbols and typography to increase your holiday sales.
  • Groove in the holiday spirit and be impressive at the same time.
  • Lastly, it’s cool to be spooky.

Let’s take you on a Boo-tifully scary website ride!

Top 7 Spooky Tips and Ideas for a Startling Halloween Website

1. Design a Haunted Homepage Header

Your website header is the first thing that your visitors will see. So, make sure to create a spooky (yet not-so-scary that they run to your competitors) header that will make them scroll to see what more you have for this Halloween.

You can use blue and black background colors, add a bit of smoke in the background and place a pumpkin and a few skulls. This will create the perfect fear-inspiring CHAMPION Header that no one can ignore.

2. Switch to the Scariest Font

The font is one of the most overlooked things. Halloween is the perfect occasion to try one of those eccentric novelty typefaces that you have been thinking about all year.

A spooky font choice is a less apparent method to create a Halloween setting, ranging from rough hand-drawn fonts to typography that seems like it has been snatched off a horror movie poster.

3. Mix Up Soft and Bold Colors

It's a terrific idea to mix up your color scheme for Halloween by using warmer, earthy colors with more pastel colors and gloomy textures. You can see everyone directly landing on the vivid orange, and honestly, customers are also tired of seeing this color.

Moreover, you are not obliged to apply a traditional-festive color scheme. Take into account richer tangerine and sage greens. Black, navy blue, and amethyst can work more effectively. Dark maroon, more vivid blues, or emeralds are also worth considering. Plus, you can also use a natural object such as a full moon, bats or spiders, or dark forests.


4. Add Spookastic Animation or Poster

A simple "Happy Halloween" poster or animation might be the perfect ingredient to establish a festive vibe, even if it sounds cliché. A minimal animation won't overpower the aesthetic and can provide a pleasant mood without tiring out users.

You can also add a Halloween message or graphic to your homepage slider. This is another simple adjustment that won't require much work or forethought but may still add a valuable festive touch.


5. Use Eerie Icons

Think about changing the smallest online elements to your Halloween design theme. Make these small changes on your website at the beginning of October by switching the icons to something more Halloween-inspired like skulls or spider's webs.

Add a pumpkin to the phone button or a witch cap to the cart symbol. Plus, you can create this without recasting every symbol in the design. Simply changing a few little components can make your website more Halloween-ready. If you think changing icons is overwhelming, then you can simply alter the hover action such that the cart magically transforms into a bat or ghost, surprising users.


6. Create a Ghoulishly Decorated CTA

You can alter even the smallest components of a website with Halloween-themed features. CTA is a very simple yet powerful section that can highlight your Halloween offer in the best possible way. Combines the scary fonts, and avoid using any margins, instead insert a bleeding shape to give it a beautifully scary effect. Or you can also go simple with your CTA by adding a spooky message to the copy on your call to action button.


7. Build Ghostly Dressed Team Member Section

Lastly, this is optional but interesting. Customers frequently want to learn a little more about the people behind your company when making an online purchase. In order to provide your consumers with additional information about your company, you may include a "Team Members" section with a Halloween theme on your website. This will make them like you more and increase their session time.

Wrapping Up

The Halloween website design should be entertaining and a little eerie. Nonetheless, stay away from graphic imagery. Some people can also become bored with excessive gore or horror-themed features. Choose more amiable characters when creating Halloween-themed aspects, and avoid using creepy images or scary music. Build content that is suitable for the mass audience.

Have you thought of swapping to a Halloween website design? Well, this is the chance to have fun and become spooky by incorporating everything from minor elements like images or typeface or a hover state to go full-on spookiness, without making your visitors run away. We at Pixel Dino can help you create a scary yet beautiful website and graphic design for Halloween month. Reach out to us at support@pixeldino.com to know more!