How To Make A Halloween Video For Your Brand

Written By: Shagun   October 18, 2022

One thing that we tell all our clients is - they need to work on seasonal video marketing material all year long, not only around the holidays - if they want to drive genuine traffic. There are dozens of events, lesser-known festivals, and themes you can grasp onto in each season to commemorate the time of year.

Halloween is, of course, the main event of October - the holiday, almost everyone is waiting for. As it gives them an edge to be as spooky and as creative as they want without being guilty. 

But this year, Halloween needs to be different for companies. They need to move from good old Instagram pictures and Facebook posts to creating the spookiest videos that will attract their audiences.

This October, boost your sales and brand exposure by incorporating video content in your Halloween campaign. Moreover, this is a terrific way to start your holiday sales.

But don’t wait for Halloween eve to run your campaign - make October all about Halloween with scary graphics and eerie typography to make it feel like the holiday season.

This article explores the top 5 ways to make amazing Halloween videos for your brand to promote your company and get fang-tastic results. So, without any further ado, let’s spook it!

Top 5 Ways to Make Amazing Halloween Videos for Your Brands

1. Show Off Halloween Products

How about having a cinnamon-spiced candy this Halloween season? Feels weird and interesting at the same time. Right? This is what Halloween is about - being weird and fascinating all together.

And for companies marketing videos can easily do so. If you offer Halloween-related products, then a Halloween marketing video is an ideal approach to keep people interested in your products throughout the Halloween season!

It's a fantastic idea to start creating Halloween-themed products now or to give existing ones a Halloween-themed spin.

No matter how much you say you are not the one about Halloween, there is no way you can miss out on the fact that your customers love this season, and when creative and seasonal products are on display (especially with big discounts) they love it more.

A lot of user-generated content is produced during the holiday season, like a weird video of people testing disgusting candies, or pranking their friends and family to taste it.

Halloween product videos help businesses to build a devoted customer base, as people love to try out things that are away from the ordinary, and Halloween is all about this.

Thus, offering Halloween-themed products is a fantastic approach to boost seasonal sales!

2. Create Halloween Themed Campaign

Create a Halloween-themed social media campaign to pique your customers’ interest in Halloween. Moreover, if your campaign is successful, you will get real user-generated content, which will seamlessly boost your brand recognition. An extremely fang-ulous plan, right on the spot, isn't it?

Start a social media campaign requesting your viewers to post a video of themselves using your product in a creative way. Then, give the winner(s) a reward to promote participation.

To urge your audience to invite their friends and family to participate, make sure your campaign has a distinctive hashtag and is shareable. 

A myriad of companies create social media campaigns around this narrative and have already achieved considerable success using this marketing approach. You can take the example of Target. Each year, Target launches a promotion called "Tag and Treat" to get consumers to post videos of themselves parading about the shop.

Target receives thousands of entries for this campaign, which they use for their marketing videos, attracting their end customers. Moreover, this promotional strategy was also covered by news channels, giving the target excellent exposure!

3. Create a Spooky Marketing Video

You can still celebrate Halloween even if your company doesn't sell cauldron-shaped coffee cups or pastries with pumpkin spice frosting. And this is a tried and tested way to engage your audience. 

Marketing videos are the ideal approach to captivate your audience and excite them about your company, whether you want to frighten them with a spine-tingling advertisement or make them laugh with some amusing Halloween pranks. And Snickers has always been successful in doing so. 

Snickers have produced a broad range of amusing Halloween-themed advertisements year after year, making viewers want to hand out their delectable, chocolaty candy to everyone trick or treating in the area!

4. Create DIY Halloween Video

The ability to learn new skills through videos is one of the reasons that people are more into video watching than reading. So why not make a DIY Halloween video that shows your audience how to use your products in a cool way?

Well, sometimes, you need to add more sugar and spice to your video campaigns - and DIY videos is the best way to do so.

As you know, Halloween is not only about dressing up your house and distributing candies, it is also about dressing up scary, and cosmetics play an important role to dress you up.

Each October, these DIY videos encourage their viewers to go out and purchase their products by showing them how to use cosmetics to get the perfect Halloween appearance.

Top-notch brands like Maybelline have produced some fascinating DIY and how-to videos for years that tell viewers how to achieve a stunning Halloween makeup look.

So, if you are a cosmetic brand you can implement this strategy and start attracting more and more viewers to your Instagram and YouTube channels.

You can also produce videos that instruct your audience on how to make original Halloween outfits, entertaining décor, or weird-tasting foods and drinks for their annual Halloween party.

Create a fantastic DIY movie that your viewers will love even if you don't sell tangible goods. For instance, if you market a photo-editing tool, you can demonstrate to your audience how they can use it to transform themselves into a spooky witch or a seductive vampire!

5. Create BTS Videos

Making behind-the-scene (BTS) videos to offer your audience a closer look at who you are and what your company stands for is one method to engage them this Halloween season.

You can start by demonstrating to your audience how you produce your Halloween products, be it costumes or delectables. For example, if you bake homemade Halloween cookies, you can make a video for your audience that demonstrates the materials and the steps needed to create your mouthwatering treats!

Or, if your company regularly offers a Halloween event, like a costume contest or a Halloween party, you can share it with the audience by creating a BTS video that shows the efforts it takes to make the occasion happen. You might even broadcast the event live to demonstrate the character behind your brand.

Prank videos are incredibly amusing, therefore they frequently attract a large audience. This will raise awareness of your brand, which might perhaps result in more. So, you can create a BTS video of your staff pulling Halloween pranks on one another.

You can create a video of your staff members scaring each other, or you can also host scary makeover content and film out how they succeeded in creating some of the scariest monster faces. 

Closing Thoughts

There are a plethora of ways to create Halloween videos to advertise your company during the Halloween season. You can choose one of the aforementioned video marketing techniques, and get ready for an amazing October for your company! 

If you have more exciting ideas for this Halloween season, drop up a comment, We're eager to hear any ideas you have!