Ten Exciting Free Fonts To Use In Your Halloween Posts

Written By: Shagun   October 20, 2022

Trick or treat time is back again with lots of flair and spookiness. Even if you might not be able to host a Halloween party, you and your company can still use spooky typefaces and typography to spread some holiday shoutouts — or chills.

And to get you started, we have a carefully curated collection of free Halloween fonts in this article. The most frightening, eerie, and sometimes goofy typefaces are accessible online, and these free Halloween fonts are no exception. You can download, install, and use them for free this holiday season.

Customizing Halloween invites, social media posts, and anything else that comes to mind is a breeze now. Plus, they go great with Halloween clipart and elements. So, without further ado, let’s look at some spooky typefaces for your upcoming Halloween project.

Ten Exciting Free Fonts To Use In Your Halloween Posts

  1. Calaveras

Skulls are one of the favorite parts of Halloween. These elements add a special effect to your design. Calaveras is one of the spooky yet bubbly fonts loved by many designers. Covered with skulls, this typeface is a great addition to your day of the dead holiday campaign. This free font comes in uppercase, lowercase, symbols, numbers, and our favorite special characters.

Calaveras font
  1. Nosferotica

Try Nosferotica for a tantalizing, vampire-like feel. This spooky tall and thin serif typeface was created by Sinister Fonts. This free typeface was made in 2006 and is available for use in any way you deem fit. This font is designed for graphics and special cases. If used in a paragraph format, it will look absolutely terrible. There are only upper case letters with a few fancy alternatives; there are no numbers or punctuation marks.

Nosferotica font
  1. Groovy Ghosties

The typeface Groovy Ghosties is composed of ethereal ghosts from the dead. The ethereal ghosts in the free Halloween typeface Groovy Ghosties nearly appear to vanish before your eyes. This typeface comes with a license that permits unrestricted commercial usage; this license is also known as a desktop license. This enables you to install the font on a computer and use it to make signs, logos, t-shirts, posters, online graphics, game graphics, and more. For further information, check the licensing agreement.

Groovy Ghosties font
  1. Creepsville

Creepsville is an eerie-looking typeface that appears like gradually pouring blood or slime. Any Halloween project you work on would look fantastic with it. Despite the conventional typeface, the fundamental components are excellent. This one has several symbols in addition to capital and lowercase letters.  Big Tony OFarrell created the typeface, which is available for free personal use.

Creepsville font
  1. Jack O

The absence of a font like this one, which uses jack o' lanterns to spell out your message, would make no collection of free Halloween fonts complete. Jack O is a fontbat developed by Claude that was inspired by Halloween Jack-o-lanterns and is freely downloadable as a.ttf file. It would be a good one for prolonged messages or horror stories because you'll get both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Jack O font
  1. Wild Wood

Being alone in the forest at night is a terrifying experience. And Wild Wood, with its letterforms growing gnarled branches, should accomplish your goal of conjuring up a spooky woodland atmosphere. With the Wild Wood typeface, your word gets twisted from all directions by barren branches. Uppercase letters and digits are available in this free Halloween typeface.

Wild Wood font
  1. Tango Macabre

Manfred Klein's amazing skeleton typeface Tango Macabre is ideal for upping the horror factor in your design. The typeface may be downloaded for free in.ttf format. Depending on the letters selected, the font style may change. Some typefaces were designed for one-time use or do not support special characters. You may see the meaning of each letter by looking at the image below.

Tango Macabre font
  1. CF Halloween

The letters of the CF Halloween typeface are covered in spider webs and leak blood. The "O" is a jack o'lantern, and the "I" represents the grim reaper. The typeface CF HALLOWEEN is ideal for eerie projects. The Regular font subfamily is used. Steve Cloutier created the typeface. Only capital letters and numbers may be written with this typeface. 

CF Halloween font
  1. You Murderer BB

This free Halloween font is characterized as the handwritten words a murder victim can use their own blood to write to their perpetrator. You'll also be able to spot it from a different angle, such as when the perpetrator in a horror film scrawls ominous words on washroom or car windows. Although totally readable, the wording is just Halloween-themed enough to be a touch spooky. You could create scary text with this free Halloween font along with letters and symbols with a Halloween theme.

You Murderer BB font
  1. Misfits

The Misfits are one of the bands most closely associated with Halloween and everything spooky and sinister. The unique logo typeface of the legendary NJ horror punk band has become almost as well-known as their music over the years. You can use the band's font for your Halloween party, newsletter, or social media posts, and everything you have in mind.

Misfits font


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