Top 7 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed From Pixar Universe

Written By: Manreet Khara   April 14, 2022

If you are reading this blog, you surely are a big Pixar fan, a trivia enthusiast, or perhaps simply a curious soul. Apart from animation, Pixar movies are one of the biggest quests that people love to enjoy. From Monsters Inc. to Finding Nemo to Turning Red, there is no movie that doesn’t have hidden Easter eggs. This also indicates that each Pixar movie takes place in one shared universe, and this hypothesis becomes more credible when you can see all new Pixar films containing Easter eggs are either from previous movies or indicate the upcoming one. 

Since the release of Monsters, Inc. in 2013, Pixar has incorporated at least one Easter egg that links each movie to the next one. Though these are hard to understand at first, as most of them only make sense until the film is released, or the teaser is out. Well, this is a perfect marketing strategy that Pixar does so brilliantly by playing with your psyche, making you look for hints for their upcoming projects. Apart from this, Pixar movies always have several other hidden Easter eggs from their previous movies. The most recent release Turning Red has several hidden elements, like A Rainbow Unicorn sticker from Inside Out may be found on Mei's flip phone, while an adorable blue sticker of Nemo from Finding Nemo can be found on a locker at school.

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Or else, you can see A113 that appears in every Pixar movie, like in Toy Story, A113 is placed on Ms. Davis’ license plate number and in Finding Nemo it is on the scuba diver’s camera.

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Pixar Easter eggs are sometimes so subtle in the background showing a character or thing from an upcoming film, or as blatant as a figure or object from a previous film that it makes it really rewarding to look for them. Though they often appear so swiftly that they are easy to overlook. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 7 hidden Easter eggs that you might have missed.

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Top 7 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed From Pixar Universe

1. Turning Red – A Twilight Reference

Anyone who has read the Twilight novel series or has seen Twilight movies - or is at least familiar with - knows how popular it is among people. While the vampire romance theme isn't new, Twilight made it famous in the early 2000s, popular among millennials, which also led to a popular web series that revolves around vampire stories – known as The Vampire Diaries.

Miriam, Priya, and Abby, Meilin's three pals, are introduced early in Turning Red. Priya's debut is portrayed as a mocked reference to Twilight, as she is clutching a book with a cover that resembles the renowned vampire series. However, the book's title is "Nightfall," instead of "Twilight."

2. Luca – The Pizza Planet Truck

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Source: Insider

Pixar's Toy Story included Pizza Planet for the first time. Since then, the diner has appeared in several Pixar movies. However, in most Pixar movies, it's the delivery truck that makes an appearance -  Luca does not have the same type of vehicle as it is set decades before they were made. So, the Rocket ship that serves as the Pizza Planet emblem is easily visible in the streets of Portorosso.

3. Finding Dory – A113

Another Easter egg that you can see in almost every Pixar movie is A113, which is hidden by Fluke and Rudder. They have tags on their flippers that say "A1" and "13." In addition, the classroom number reappears in the end on a truck bound for Cleveland, Ohio, with the license plate CALA113. A113 is seen in several Pixar movies, it refers to the classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where many Pixar and Disney animators learned their skills, which is why it's featured in every Pixar movie and a few Disney movies.

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Source: Insider

4. Brave – Sulley from Monster Inc

Brave has an Easter egg that has sparked a slew of ideas and is a key component of the Pixar movie universe hypothesis. A wood sculpture of Sulley from Monsters Inc, who reappears in the prequel film Monsters University, may be found in the witch's cottage. Many fans think the witch is actually Boo, who travelled across time in search of her monster pal Sulley. It surely adds to the fascination of the Pixar world idea.

5. Toy Story 4 – Balloons from Up

One thing that is always visible in Toy Story 4’s marketing campaigns is Up’s balloon reference. There is at least one additional citation to the famous film in every new film. A carnival is one of Toy Story 4's key set pieces, and as you can see there are helium balloons on sale. Carl from Up worked as a balloon seller in his previous life, and his balloon-carrying cart is seen on the carnival grounds.

6. Coco – The Incredibles

On their journey to the talent event in the Land of the Dead, Miguel and Héctor come upon an Incredibles poster on a wall. This is one of the easy to overlook Easter eggs in Coco. Of course, considering this is the Land of the Dead, the Parr family is shown on the billboard as sugar skulls.

7. Soul – Luca (Portorosso)

The soul is a cerebral narrative in the spirit of Inside Out, with a tiny Easter egg referring to Pixar's followup, Luca, through a poster that Joe and 22 pass by while fleeing through the streets of New York City. Portorosso, a little hamlet on the Italian Riviera where Luca takes place, is advertised on a tourism agency window poster. Since the term Portorosso is prevalent in Luca, Soul's Luca setup is easily noticeable.

Wrapping Up

The Pixar Universe has so many Easter Eggs hidden that it is extremely rewarding and satisfying to find. They have included several cameo appearances, references to objects, movie titles, and characters like Pizza Planet Truck, A113, and many more so that people watching the movie can relate to it.

So, were you able to find these Easter Eggs before? Let us know in the comments.