Top 7 Animated Lyrics Videos and Tools To Get Inspired From

Written By: Shagun   November 8, 2022

Music and cartoons are two things that everyone enjoys. And combining these two is a surefire way to attract your viewers.

Lyric videos emerged about the same time as video networks established themselves as global leaders. The key distinction is in how these videos are produced, presented, and distributed. Your song will affect the tone of your lyric video if you chose to make one, which you should.

These videos may generate as much talk as a music video for your song. They do especially well when the music is rich in content and language and does not rely solely on commercialization.

Let’s talk a bit about animation in videos.

Animation in Videos

Animation is a diverse medium that is only limited by the creator's creativity. It may be used to build visually appealing music animation video clips and also lyrical videos that will capture the attention of viewers and create the video unforgettably.

Let's start with a historical fact: the first animated music videos were released in the 1980s. But looking today, especially during the pandemic crisis, both of these formats have turned out to be immensely popular trends. If you go through the past few years, you will observe that an array of animated music videos and lyric videos have been released recently, receiving more views, likes, and shares on social media platforms.

Now that you know how animated lyrics videos attract users, we are going to talk about the top 7 animated lyrics video markers to help you get started on your lyrics video creation journey.

Types of Animated Lyrics Videos You Can Create

1. Handdrawn Lyrics Animation Video - Avicii - Waiting For Love

Avicii is known for creating beautiful music and lyrics videos and Waiting For Love is one example. This video is both entertaining and engaging to watch. For such an upbeat tune, Waiting For Love's lyric video is quite emotional. It combined classic animation methods with motion design expertise and beautifully added lyrics that keep you tied to the screen from start to finish. Colors aren't used nearly as often as they could be, giving it a unique touch.  In addition, the animation is entirely hand-drawn. The font style is another factor that gives this lyrics video a hand-drawn look. Meanwhile, the backdrops are almost certainly created with motion graphics.

2. Bold Font Lyrics Video - Taylor Swift - The Man

Another great lyrics video style to take inspiration from. Created by Taylor Swift, this video uses capitalized and bold font that is easy to read as you go along with the music. The colored and bold text is a smart way to implement in your lyrics video to make them easy to read and view. The animated video (and song) portrays a lady attempting to make her way through a maze-like metropolis filled with males, as depicted in a beautifully-executed animation. 

3. Artsy Video - Katy Perry - Birthday

These are entertaining since you may go off the rails as long as you exude creative vibes or an artsy mindset. You're fine to go if you can add flour or baked macrons. Imperfections are ideal for aesthetic purposes, and the way various baked delicacies are utilized to present lyrics is completely creative. Wherever feasible, use asymmetry, vivid colors, extra props, and strong capital letters. A digitalized typeface should be avoided since it suggests a modern influence when you're attempting to transport folks away from their current situation and into your wonderful song. In this unusual Birthday lyrics video, Katty Perry made sure that the typefaces chosen are easy to read and entertaining to watch.

4. Cartoon-Lyrics Animated Videos - Eminem - Alfred's Theme

The lyric video for Eminem's Alfred's Theme is crazy! Animated lyric videos are the most expensive of the typologies in this collection, as few artists, if any, have a strong understanding of motion graphics. As a result, musicians are forced to outsource their images and pay other companies to produce them.

5. Handmade Lyrics Video - Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

Handmade lyric videos are entertaining and beautiful to watch, albeit a little repetitive at times. People can tell if something was made by a machine or if you cut out the letters and distributed them on the floor yourself. Bruno Mars is a fantastic example of lyric video creativity. When you're stuck for ideas, you can always check on Just The Way You Are and you'll be instantly inspired. You will have an insane amount of ideas flooding your way, like cardboards, cassette tapes, matches, paintings, and many more that make up the words. Just get to work since this is going to take a long time!

6. Fan Lyrics Video - Anne Marie - Perfect To Me

Inspired by Anne Marie, there is no way to leave it out of our list. A lyric video becomes a powerful promotional tool when you include your audience in the creation of such content. Each of the fans who took part in the production of your video will send the link to their friends and family as a way to brag about how involved they were. As a result, a word-of-mouth chain is established. When making the fan-based lyrics video, be careful and respectful.

7. Thriller-Like Lyrics Video - Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

With this animated video developed by ODD, Taylor Swift kicked off her musical comeback. The animated video employs a unique approach to using lyrics to capture viewers and keep them glued to their screens. The title sequences of thriller and horror films appear to have influenced this animated lyrics video. The chess pieces are cleverly placed to entice observers. Listeners have always speculated about who the pop phenomenon is alluding to, and this film maintains that tradition.

Top 7 Animated Lyrics Video Makers to Try Today

1. FlexClip

The first on our list, FlexClip, is one of the greatest online lyric video editors. With FlexClip, it's simple to make a fantastic lyric video. It's a lyric video creator that's both strong and simple to use. You don't have to download or install it to generate music, but with its free music collection, video effects, and many text choices, you can make great lyric videos in no time. With this finest lyric video program, you can create an internet lyric video quickly and effortlessly. FlexCilp is the best lyrical video maker software without a watermark, and many artists adore it.

2. Veed

It's a free lyric video creator that's simple to use. It's also a subtitles generator that runs in the background. You may use this tool to automatically produce subtitles for your video if you don't want to type them in yourself. The subtitles can then be changed. Finally, save the subtitles file to your device by downloading it. Your lyric video's subtitles can be generated automatically.

3. Animaker

Animaker, an online application for generating animated lyric videos, lets you generate kinetic typographic animations. There are only a few steps. Select the lyric video template of your choice from different typefaces and kinetic typography and transition effects, tweak it with your lyrics, then share or save it directly to YouTube. Passion and love for music are all that are necessary for the same. Animaker provides several templates for you to use while creating animated videos.

4. YouTube Video Maker

Lyric video maker makes it simple to create lyric videos on a computer. It allows you to create lyric videos with fonts, colors, sizes, backgrounds, special effects, and more. There are two versions of the lyric video maker: wizard for pros and comprehensive for novices. The website also has several videos that take visitors through each stage. Using these instructions, you may learn how to make a lyric video.

5. KineMaster

KineMaster is a great Android video editor with a lot of features. It includes a variety of tools for editing lyric videos, including voiceovers, subtitles, blending styles, speed control, after effects, and more. KineMaster is an iPhone and Android-compatible lyric video maker app. For iPhone users, KineMaster is the greatest lyric video creation app. It allows you to customize the lyric video using text and stickers. It also allows you to reverse your video and provides additional editing options.

6. Motionden

Making your own animations is fun, but it's not the only method to accomplish your project. Motionden gives you ready-to-use templates and an interface to make a captivating animated lyric video in minutes. You can easily choose from a variety of studio-quality designs, and templates, and customize them using different colors, fonts, and images. The application can create your video in less than 5 minutes once you finish editing.

7. Aftereffects

One of the greatest tools for making animated lyrics for music videos is After Effects. This application is used by thousands of video creators and editors. Professionals can use it to make animated lyrics and music videos by utilizing various animation techniques, such as motion graphics and kinetic typography. The features and interface have all been created with the user in mind. As a result, even non-after effects experts also use this software to make spectacular animated lyric videos.

Summing Up

Lyrics videos have been a major part of our lives since the pandemic. But it is not recently that it has been introduced. The first music video was created by Bobby Brown “Every Little Step” in 1988. It was a big hit even with only a single phrase in the video.

Today, animated lyrics videos are rocking the music industry and there is only a handful of artists who have not yet tapped into this amazing style. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! To see what else we have in store for you, check out our blog section.